How to boot in Safe Mode


Why do you need Safe Mode

Sometimes malware process or service blocks all your attempts to remove virus, trojan, worm by blocking access to Task Manager, Registry Editor, Services and does not allow you to uninstall itself from Control Panel, to remove files and folders, to stop malicious processes. In this cases Safe Mode can help you fight malware.

How to boot in Safe Mode in Windows systems

Routine of booting in Safe Mode is the same for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and latest Windows 8 8.1) systems. Here is how you do it:

  1. Start your PC (go to restart if you are in Windows)
  2. Start pressing F8 button on the very beginning
  3. In Advanced Boot Options menu choose Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking
  4. boot in safe mode

  5. Wait until Windows boots to desktop view

How to use Safe Mode

Basically, using Safe Mode is not very different, than using Normal Mode. The only difference that you won’t have internet connection (in Safe Mode with Networking you will have it). It will not load third-party services and processes. Your antiviruses will not work. And the main fact is that nothing will prevent you from removing malware files and folders, uninstalling unwanted programs from Control Panel. Learn how to use it and you will have powerful tool in your arsenal for fighting malware.

  • osorio

    Quand je le demarre en mode sans échec lorsque je dois mettre mon MDP pour ouvrir le session il me marque que se n est pas le bon MDP que dois je faire?

  • nery

    buen día sigo los pasos hasta llegar a funciones para activar modo seguro pero no me aparece la ventana de iniciar en modo con o sin Internet, la pantalla de monitor se queda sin imagen, ya intente en varias ocasiones, que mas puedo hacer, te lo agradeceré

  • Nathy

    merci pour vos précieux conseils car grâce à vous, j’ai pu me débarrasser de WebDiscoverBrowser …..vous êtes un génie !!!!

  • daniel

    Gracias poner entrar en modo seguro y usar el adwcleaner me solucionó el problema en Windows 10

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