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How to remove Goodgame Empire ads

Goodgame Empire is a legitimate videogame designed by GoodGamesStudios 1.0. However, if it sneaked into the system without your consent, then more likely it is adware attempting to steal your personal data and cause multiple other issues. After installation, it adds a videogame icon on your desktop that redirects users to Thereafter, you can start playing an online game simply by typing your nickname and password which is a great maneuver to distract users from adware's main activity. Note that potentially unwanted programs like adware disturb user experience by displaying both browser and on-screen banners, coupons, and other types of advertisements. This is why we recommend removing Goodgame Empire if it appeared on your computer without your permission.

How to remove ads

0 is considered to be a mixture of both adware and browser hijacker that causes an absolute calamity around your browser. Initially, stands for a legitimate host that offers you to install a browser-based extension, called File Conversion Now, that provides quick links to the most popular file converters and updated search. Unfortunately, besides the aforementioned, It also installs special scripts that generate suspicious advertisements and banners across the web. Moreover, it is capable of initiating multiple redirects to different websites on its own which means that your data may be exposed to third-parties figures that can exploit it for revenue purposes.

How to remove Yaoffer50160.exe (uBar)

Yaoffer50160.exe is a trojan-based file that infects users with adware. There are some indications, that this file is related to an unwanted advertising app called uBar. Trojans are a type of virus that executes so-called chain infiltrations. The range of malware may vary from innocent adware to more dangerous ransomware that encrypts users' data forever. Often times, trojans may require interaction from remote servers that are hacked by frauds to fulfill its purpose. Thus, most developers abuse poor connections and RDP configuration to take control of the PC and inflict it with trojans. When it comes to adware, it alters some settings to push unwanted advertisements on the desktop. There are also cases when after removal of the file users see an error message on startup, like "Windows cannot find Yaoffer50160.exe".

How to remove SmartWebSearch (Mac)

According to its name, SmartWebSearch is supposedly meant to provide smarter searching tools that will enhance the browsing experience. Although, it is a browser hijacker that targets Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers located on Mac systems. Being categorized as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), SmartWebSearch alters the browser settings touching the homepage appearance. The program will, therefore, add a couple of shortcuts to quickly access the most popular platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Besides that, SmartWebSearch migrates default search engine to,,, and other dubious engines. Whilst these changes may seem useful, browser hijackers are often designed to earn money by gathering browser-related data like passwords, browsing history, geolocations, and IP-addresses that are sold to cybercriminals.

How to remove iLifeMediaBrowser (Mac)

iLifeMediaBrowser is a Mac-based application that affects browser settings and responsible for destabilizing MacOS performance. Initially, iLifeMediaBrowser is a component of a legitimate GarageBand program that comes pre-installed on Mac OS. However, most extortionists use this name for promoting completely different software - browser hijackers. Programs of such type tend to pass by users' consent and proliferate systems on their own. After penetration, these apps entail multiple changes regarding search engines, default homepage, advertising network, and other parts of your browser. All of these changes will initiate unintentional redirects to shady pages and intrusive ads will start appearing to create the traffic and bring money to cybercriminals. iLifeMediaBrowser can be dangerous for your privacy due to data-tracking capabilities.

How to remove Web Zoom

Web Zoom is a potentially unwanted program categorized as adware. Such programs cause absolute clutter around your browser by displaying various types of advertisements. Whilst the initial purpose is to improve browsing by generating ostensibly useful content based on user's habits, the reality looks totally different. Banners and coupons promoted by Web Zoom may contain hidden links that, once clicked, redirect users to malicious websites that run executable scripts or force you to do something. Advertisements shown by Web Zoom can be called: "Ads by Web Zoom", "Powered by Web Zoom", "Brought to you by Web Zoom".