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How to remove Similar Photo Cleaner (Mac)

Similar Photo Cleaner is ad-supported application for Mac. It was developed to detect and remove duplicate photos and pictures. It is one of those pointless apps, that provide low functionality, but leads to severe computer and privacy problems. It installs without user's consent, and does not disclose all conditions of the installation. The consequences of installing the program are pitiable: users start seeing ads and pop-ups in browsers, they get unknown programs installed without their intention. Besides, some users complain, that they cannot quit Similar Photo Cleaner, as it displays pop-up, that cannot be closed (see the picture below). All this peculiar properties put the program to the category of potentially unwanted apps.

How to remove MacOSDefender

MacOSDefender or is malicious application for MacOS, that takes over search and homepage settings in Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. While searching for something, users can see multiple redirects, for example: -> -> -> Some of this web addresses figured in our previous articles, from what we can make a conclusion, that those hijackers have similar roots and, probably, one team of developers.

How to remove is malicious website, used by adware to display push notifications in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer or Safari. Advertising software, installed on the computer, or some browser add-on installed in browser can generate ads, that will encourage users to subscribe to, by clicking on "Allow" button. notifications lead to news articles, doubtful services, potentially unwanted downloads. This is new type of social engineering attack, that is using browser standard functions to deliver ads. Below you will find instructions to stop notifications and remove adware from browsers and PC.

How to remove is site, that with the help of tricks, forces the user to subscribe to its push notifications in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After that, users begin to receive numerous notifications from this website in the bottom-right corner of the desktop, even with the closed browser window. promotes third-party news portals, services and products of doubtful quality. It uses deceptive methods for distribution and annoys regular users with useless, unnecessary and purely promotional notifications, ads and pop-ups. This threat is categorized as adware and often comes along with potentially unwanted program installed on your PC.

How to remove Safe Finder (Windows and Mac)

SafeFinder is browser extension that is installed in 3 major browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer). SafeFinder replaces default search and homepage of all your browsers to Even if you remove SafeFinder from Control Panel and extensions from browsers these settings will remain unchanged.