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How to remove Rocket Tab

Rocket Tab by Rich River Media, LLC is a malicious browser add-on for Google Chrome,Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Rocket Tab is is adware developed for making money out of your clicks on ads it shows in your browsers. This adware can be installed by a download program for a free software that you use.

How to remove Shopper Pro

Shopper Pro by Goobzo Ltd. is a unwanted browser extension (BHO) for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Usually, such browser extensions infiltrate your PC without your knowledge. These potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) can often cause many problems while surfing the Internet.

How to remove MySearchDial Toolbar

MySearchDial Toolbar is a toolbar/hijacker. It advertises itself as "great tool to improve your search experience" however it became a real nightmare for its users due to rather sneaky techniques. It is not only installing toolbar in all three browsers, but also replaces default search and homepage to or