How to remove (Windows and Mac)


Appearance of ads and pop-ups in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer indicates adware infection on your PC or Mac. If you see them constantly, while opening habitual websites, that means unwanted browser add-on is installed or doubtful desktop application is running. In most cases, advertisements come from subdomains like,, or other 2-digit prefix. Such pop-ups can lead to dangerous services or offer to download malware. redirections disturb users, and in some cases won’t let them visit desired page.

How to remove pop-ups (Windows or Mac)


If you see ads and pop-ups in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer on a regular basis, that means your computer is infected with adware. This pop-ups promote malicious downloads and unwanted software, such as streaming programs, media players It can be browser add-on or Windows or Mac application. It was installed secretly in the background, or user missed it when installed some third-party program. Clicking on such ads can lead to unpredictable consequences.

How to remove Mac Mechanic


Mac Mechanic is potentially unwanted program for Mac OS, that looks like legitimate application for system optimization and virus removal. It originates from India. After the test on new MacBook Mac Mechanic finds several “high-risk” problems and demands from 19.95 to 49.95 Euros for solving. However, some of the results are false, which puts the program to the category of rogue software. When users try to uninstall Mac Mechanic by moving it to trash it says “application cannot be deleted”.

How to remove Mac Auto Fixer


Mac Auto Fixer (a clone of rogue Mac Defender) is bogus Mac OS optimization and antivirus utility. It claims to find numerous errors, viruses and other issues on clean machines. After deeper research those problems appear to be non-existent or not essential. Mac Auto Fixer asks 118 Euros for a 2 year license to fix these issues. There are and there will be lots of applications similar to Mac Auto Fixer, but with other name and design.

How to remove Mac Tonic


Mac Tonic, similar to Win Tonic, is rogue optimization and security application for Mac OS. Although, it has look and feel of a legitimate program, Mac Tonic was designed to earn money on unnecessary Mac tweaks, pseudo-optimization and other features, that can be achieved by means of operating system options itself or by using free programs. It is installed on computers without users consent and adds itself to Mac startup. After installation Mac Tonic scans your system for viruses and errors, and always finds something even on brand new machines. Then it offers to purchase it to fix the issues. If users ignore it, program starts displaying alerts on the desktop.

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