How to remove (Windows and Mac)

Standard or YourMapsNow is misleading browser hijacker, that replaces default search engine and homepage in Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Windows or Mac. Often, it is accompanied with browser extension or application called “Your Maps Now”. This add-on sneaks in browsers and takes control over main browser settings. Of course, it installs without user permission using the deceptive tactic. After installation, user search queries are redirected to and then to This allows the hijacker to collect private browser data and share it with advertising companies. The homepage also changes to and, besides search, provides quick links to main map resources such as Google Maps and Bing Maps. Page looks similar to normal search engine page, and some users don’t even see the difference until they start searching for something.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is typical browser hijacker, that aims Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers running on Mac OS. It is accompanied with Borderov browser extension, that starts to manage search and homepage settings after infection. Hijacker alters values of the settings and redirects users search queries to and then to The purpose of applications like this is to get revenue from advertising generated by people using this rogue search.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard or Genieo virus is malicious Mac application, that is classified as adware and browser hijacker. Virus installs Genieo app and two extensions: Genieo and Omnibar. With help of this add-ons malware takes control over search settings and homepage in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It modifies those settings to Also, Genieo will generate intrusive ads in these browsers, that will be marked like “Ads by Genieo”, “powered by Genieo”, “brought by Genieo”. hijacker is connected with Infospace advertising network.

How to remove virus (Mac)

Standard (a.k.a Facebook App or just Facebook) is advertising application for Mac, that opens website on MacOS startup and adds itself to the Dock. At a first sight, it seems harmless, however with this application malefactors can get access to browser data and settings, and use it to display targeted advertising, pop-ups in Safari or Google Chrome. We recommend you to remove virus application from Mac and remove residual data.

How to remove Malware Crusher (Windows and Mac)


Malware Crusher is deceptive security application for Windows or MacOS. It sneaks into users computers without asking and performs scan of the system. If user ignores the program signals, Malware Crusher starts generating warnings and alerts, accompanying this with voice comments. Such intrusive and unfriendly marketing methods along with low-quality results of malware detection and protection puts Malware Crusher in the category of potentially unwanted applications (PUA). This badware also puts obstacles when users try to uninstall it.

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