How to remove BeeAware (Mac)


BeeAware is adware or potentially unwanted application for Mac, that displays fake pop-ups and system messages, encouraging users to download malware disguised as necessary updates. Dialog boxes look like system alerts and, sometimes, make users reflexively click on “OK” button. BeeAware often can be seen in Activity Monitor, eating up CPU and memory resources. Developers advertise BeeAware as utility, that “can convert over 30 file formats into PDF”. In exchange it generates ads, pop-ups, banners in browsers and messages, alerts and dialog boxes in MacOS. Follow instructions in this article to remove BeeAware adware and get rid of alerts, pop-ups and ads.

How to remove Mac Speedup Pro


Mac Speedup Pro is rogue optimisation application for MacOS. It hiddenly installs on computer and performs so-called “scan” of your Mac. In the end, loud female voice vocalizes, that severe issues and viruses were found on your Mac. If users clicks “Repair” button, program shows purchase window. In fact, Mac Speedup Pro “detects” performance and security problems even on brand new Mac computer. From what we can make a conclusion, that it is scareware or fake optimisation app. Actually, Mac Speedup Pro is one of the long range of rogue apps like Mac Cleanup Pro, Mac Clean Pro, Advanced Mac Cleaner and others, that utilize similar design and techniques to extort money from inexperienced users.

How to remove (Windows and Mac)

Standard is precarious search engine for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It appears in browsers after installing Tapufind New Tab extension and replaces default settings of homepage, search engine and newtab. This add-on was developed in Israel. redirects users search queries to, and gets commission from ad revenue in this search engine. Tapufind takes control of browser settings and doesn’t allow users to modify them. Changing settings won’t help, as they will be reverted back to Hijacker tracks and collects information about user’s online behaviour, such as search and visits history, that can be used for advertising purposes.

How to remove ZipRar (Mac)


ZipRar is ad-supproted file-archiving utility for Mac. Program itself has basic functionality and design, similar to well-known Keka and iZip utilities. Unlike its reputable analogs, installer of ZipRar (ZipRar.dmg) is bundled with adware and hijackers for example: Security specialists categorize this application as adware and relate it to notorious Genieo. In this article we prepared easy guide to remove ZipRar from different versions of MacOS.

How to remove Ads X (Windows and Mac)


If you see “Ads X” ads in Google Search, there is high possibility, that your PC is infected with adware. These ads resemble native Google ads, however they belong to doubtful advertising networks. Usually, such ads, pop-ups and banners are generated by SearchAwesome (in Windows), MacPerformance, MacVX (in MacOS) extensions, however, advertising add-on can be named differently. Extensions can be installed in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and sometimes in Internet Explorer, Opera and Edge browsers. Links in such ads often lead to potentially unwanted downloads, malicious pages and doubtful online services. We do not recommend you to click on such advertisements, for your safety, privacy and PC security.

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