How to remove

Standard (v1, v2, etc) is counterfeit domain, that is used by scammers for advertising purposes. This website hosts and displays landing pages, that are shown via pop-ups, ads and browser notifications in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. As a rule, users see redirects to while visiting questionable websites with gambling or adult content. In this case, they can be blocked by special software like AdGuard (see instructions below). However, often, these ads can be caused by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), adware, trojans installed in your system. If you experience on a regular basis – this is your case.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is another typical representative of search hijackers for Mac, that installs in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It infects browsers using Hogwarin extensions, that controls and modifies browser settings, such as homepage, default search engine and new tab. Settings cannot be changed by users, unless this malicious add-on is removed. As well as other hijackers of this type, redirects user’s queries to Special removal tool for Hogwarin called Uninstall.dmg is offered on their website. It will presumably remove extension and reset the settings. However, we do not recommend downloading additional software from developers of adware and hijackers.

How to remove MacPerformance


MacPerformance is malicious application for MacOS, that belongs to OSX Pirrit adware family. It controls settings of Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox to create redirects and display ads and pop-ups. It infiltrates Mac computers invisibly or by fraud and starts to generate advertisements, showing phishing pages, encouraging users to download potentially unwanted applications. Sometimes MacPerformance is offered to be installed in a bundle with good applications, and users, confused by the name of the program, think that this is optimisation software for MacOS, and allow installation.

How to remove Mac Cleanup Pro


Mac Cleanup Pro is fraudulent application for MacOS. It uses deceptive tactic to infiltrate user’s computers, performs fake scan for viruses and errors and always find severe problems, even on brand new machines. It then asks ~$120 for program activation and removal of non-existent viruses. After this Mac Cleanup Pro encourages people to call Premium Techie Support, where real person (probably from India or China) will try to sell additional support plans and applications like Mac Space Reviver, Mac Adware Cleaner, and Unpollute My Mac, that cost from $300 to $600. This is totally scam, and you need to block and chargeback all this transactions. After this, please, perform instructions on this page to remove Mac Cleanup Pro and all residual data, and get software to protect your Mac from malicious applications.

How to remove redirect (Windows and Mac)

Standard is legitimate search engine, that belongs to Microsoft Corporation, provides great search results and can be used as homepage and default search engine in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer. It is the third biggest search engine in USA. However, its domain name, design and search results are exploited by indecent search partners, that use it for their own selfish purposes. Such affiliates create multiple browser extensions and domains, like SearchModule, Search Protection, Bing.Vc, BingProtect to take control over browser search engine and homepage settings and redirect users to Malefactors earn on advertising comission from original search, but use unethical methods to infiltrate computers. In this article we will mostly describe the cases of malware infection that causes redirects to and methods to remove them.

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