How to remove (Mac)

Standard is unwanted search engine for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers running on Mac. It is installed by browser hijacker along with freeware. This webpage is associated with famous Safe Finder malware and search queries, that user types on are redirected to and then to This website overrides search and homepage settings in browsers, and hijacker module does not allow user to revert this settings.

How to remove

Standard is objectionable website, used by hijackers to replace browser settings in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. It replaces search engine, homepage and new tab settings to and then to It is done by the means of My Templates V 1.1 add-on that installs in browsers. Until this extension is removed and corresponding application is uninstalled, users won’t be able to revert changes back. can not only redirect user queries, but also collect private browser data like history, bookmarks, cookies and other parameters of online behavior.

How to remove Any Search Manager (Mac)


Any Search Manager or Any Search Manager by SafeFinder is advertising app for MacOS and extension for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is designed to modify browser search and homepage settings. After infiltration Any Search Manager takes control over browsers and changes default search engine and start page to,, or other website of similar kind. All this domains used for search engines and redirect search queries to Yahoo, Bing or some third-party website. SafeFinder originates in Israel, and is also wide-spread on Windows-operated computers.

How to remove

Standard is annoying search engine developed by Polarity Technologies Ltd, a Cyprus company, that registers in browser settings after installation of unwanted browser extensions Email Login Now or Login Email Now New Tab. Add-on can have other similar name. Main page of this hijacker looks like regular search engine with search box and toolbar with links to popular websites like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook and weather widget. However it is not detached search, and it relies on Yahoo Search ( causes certain privacy issues, such as gaining access to search history, visited websites, cookies, passwords.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is distrustful search engine, that installs in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox along with Shroomcourt browser extension. It attacks Mac computers. It replaces default settings of search engine and homepage. redirects user queries to Yahoo or Bing, and this, for some users, becomes an inconvenience. Shroomcourt extension controls browser settings, and won’t allow users to restore them. In addition, this hijacker collects search and browsing history and transfers private data to potential advertisers. infection is accompanied by redirects, pop-ups, ads and other undesired consequences.

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