How to remove (Mac) or is search engine, that installs along with Chill-Tab adware extension. It overrides settings in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox on MacOS and can be classified as hijacker. Search queries typed in search box are redirected to This malware originates in Israel, but spreads all over the world, and homepage is translated to several languages. can collect private information, like search history, browser history, cookies and use this information to display ads, pop-ups and banners on shopping websites.

How to remove (Mac) is domain used by service, that belongs to Oracle and provides marketing campaigns for commercial websites. Usually, users see pop-ups or dropdown windows from Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox regarding the safety of this website. For example, Safari can't verify the identity of the website "". The certificate for this website is invalid. According to our research this mostly happens on while visiting Ebay, Amazon, but can show up on literally any website.

How to remove Search Awesome (Windows and Mac)

Search Awesome is pesky adware for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, that creates ads, pop-ups and integrates banners into browser pages. It is advertised as tool to improve user search experience by showing results shared by friends in social networks and inserting additional widgets into search result pages. In reality, Search Awesome generates third-party advertising on shopping and travel sites like Amazon, TripAdvisor, Ebay, Google.

How to remove MacWizz

MacWizz is adware program for Mac systems. It infects Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. After infection virus starts showing advertisements like "Ads by MacWizz", "brought by MacWizz" or "Powered by MacWizz". These ads are not related to the contents of the websites, but often they are shown on shopping websites. MacWizz extension creates "virtual layer" in browser to generate pop-ups, coupons, banners and can implement ads on any website.

How to remove SurfBuyer (Mac)

SurfBuyer is unwanted advertising program that displays ads and pop-ups in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser on Mac. Ads can promote various things, like rogue software for Mac, discounts, shopping deals and other type of doubtful offers. Application installs without user permission and starts generating advertising content. In some cases adware installs "SurfBuyer" extension in browsers.

How to remove (Mac) is browser hijacker for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers running on Mac. It actually looks very clean, with search box saying "Search the web" and search button. Search queries are redirected to affiliated with Safe Finder (famous hijacker). The problem is, that overrides user-defined search and homepage settings without user permission and does not allow users to restore old settings.