How to remove (,, etc.) is bothersome website, that bombards users with unwanted redirects, pop-ups and ads in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Edge browsers on Windows, Mac or Android operating systems. It may first appear while visiting random adult, gaming, warez websites, that use low-quality advertising for monetisation. pushes malicious pages, sponsored advertising and dangerous download links. The only way to stop such advertising is to block from displaying notifications in browsers. Here we will show remove from any browser and prevent notifications from sites like this one.

How to remove MixBuilder (Mac)

MixBuilder is potentially unwanted application (PUA), that comes in form of extension for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers on Mac systems. App is classified as adware, because it displays pop-up ads and unwanted advertisements, that does not belong to the sites you are browsing. Such MixBuilder advertisements may look differently: boxes with coupons, underlined words (in-text ads), pop-up ads or banners. Also, MixBuilder can modify search engine and homepage settings, which can result in search redirects to doubtful websites. As add-on, MixBuilder gets permissions to access your browser history and, what is more dangerous, sensitive information from webpages including passwords, phone numbers and credit cards.

How to remove (Mac) is intermediary domain, used by search hijackers to redirect user's queries from well-known search engines to and vice versa. can be seen in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Mac. Probably, it is used to drive traffic through faster cloud servers. If your searches are compromised like this, it means there is an adware module installed on your Mac. It can be presented by application, add-on, malicious device profile or just virus file and process.

How to remove Easy Speed Test Access

Easy Speed Test Access or is nasty browser hijacker and adware, that modifies search engine, homepage and new tab settings in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It can infect both Windows and Mac computers. Virus gets access to browsers data by installing extension, users themselves download it from phishing or advertising pages. Add-ons can be called: Easy Speed Test Access, Speed Test, Super Speed Tester, etc. After infiltration, hijacker sets as default search and opens it as homepage or new tab at every start. Page looks like typical third-party search engine, with toolbar, quick links to shopping sites and social networks and, in this case, to websites, that provide internet speed testing functionality. Search queries are redirected to

How to remove Search Encrypt (

Search Encrypt or is internet search engine, that, according to its developers, prioritises users's privacy while web search. Company, that developed this site is based in Limassol, Cyprus. Search Encrypt uses AES-256 encryption to encode search terms, and creates short-living key to encrypt user's queries. can be used independently, or along with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox add-ons called Search Encrypt and Privacy Toolkit. Although, website seems to be legitimate, many users complain, that extensions are installed without their consent. Search Encrypt gets its revenue from ads, and advertising policy, as well as encryption technology are not transparent. These facts give a birth to concerns about its safety and privacy. In this tutorial we show how to completely remove Search Encrypt and restore preferred homepage and search engine settings.