How to remove (Windows and Mac) is a search engine, that prioritizes users privacy and tries to provide best results and not depending on users interests and browser and search history. It can be installed in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari on Windows and Mac. Often, is accompanied with an add-on, called DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials. This extension is available in Chrome Store and in Firefox Add-ons catalog. This extension sets up as default search engine and sometimes as homepage. The add-on also ads sites security checking feature and sites privacy analyze. The complete removal of website from settings is impossible without DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials uninstallation. Below you can find step-by-step instructions to remove from browsers and reset browser settings.

How to remove TamperMonkey (Windows and Mac)

TamperMonkey by Jan Biniok is controversial browser extension, that can be installed in many browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and some others. It allows users to install and maintain custom scripts in browsers, that can serve different purposes. For example, it may help download music and video content from social networks or filter ads. TamperMonkey also works in symbiosis with other popular plugins to perform certain tasks or expand functionality. However, along with pros users get unpleasant cons. In particular, many users complain, that TamperMonkey installs without their consent. Some users see third-party ads after installing this add-on. Generally, there are concerns about the security and privacy of this application, as it gets access to deep internal browser settings and has a large user database of 10 million users.

How to remove TotalRecipeSearch Toolbar (Windows or Mac)

TotalRecipeSearch Toolbar by Ask Applications is objectionable browser extension, that is mostly distributed on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox platforms on Windows and Mac. But, in a particular case can be met on Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer. It is a part of the wide-spread Mindspark network, that consists of hundreds of typical toolbars and browser add-ons. Such "browser helper objects" replace default search engine and homepage in affected browsers with search engine. The main page of this website provides quick access to recipe catalogs, but the basic search engine provides results stuffed by ads and sponsored results, although it is marked as "enhanced by Google". The earning on advertising revenue from in-search ads is a type of monetization TotalRecipeSearch Toolbar uses. In addition, adware gathers access to browsers information, such as history, cookies, settings.

How to remove Top Results App (Mac)

Top Results is bothersome advertising application for Mac. It installs without user's consent and installs as a desktop app and browser extension for Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After installation adware may have an impact on browser search, modifying it to a third-party search engine. Top Results is also responsible for showing annoying ads in browsers in the form of pop-ups, banners, in-text ads, underlined words, drop-down menus. Often, such ads are signed as Powered by Top Results, Advertisements by Top Results, Brought to you by Top Results, Ads by Top Results or Ads powered by Top Results. Aside from injecting unwanted advertisements, adware collects browser's data and tracks the online activity of the users. This data may then be used for more targeted advertising and shared with online stores and ads-selling companies.

How to remove redirect (Mac) is an annoying search redirect, that is caused by adware, installed on your Mac. It manifests itself in Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. may initiate multiple redirects until it reaches a final destination - search results page. redirects are caused by the malicious activity of applications like PasteBoard,, Such apps can be presented by the application, add-on, malicious device profile or just virus file or process. The chain of redirects, that starts serves the goal to collect information about user's browsing habits. This data is then actively used by advertising companies to create highly targeted ads.