How to remove Smart Mac Tuneup

Smart Mac Tuneup is a rogue optimization program for Mac, that gets stuck in your system, consumes resources and displays annoying alerts and pop-ups about viruses and errors. It looks like a typical application of its kind but generates scan results filled with false positive detections and exaggerated amount of issues. Actually, Smart Mac Tuneup finds problems even on brand new Mac computers. Due to those facts, it is classified as a rogue or potentially unwanted application (PUP), and it is recommended to get rid of it. Smart Mac Tuneup runs on system startup and may not be removed in a regular way.

How to remove ads is a bogus website, that is a part of a huge advertising network. It displays fake pages of Adobe Flash updates, streaming sites, download portals and claims to provide access to restricted content after allowing notifications. Push-notifications is a feature in modern browsers, that allows users to get announcements about important information from online newspapers, Youtube or social networks. This function is exploited by adware to push promotional information via this channel. If you see ads, pop-ups or notifications from, there is a high possibility of malware infection or browser's settings hijack.

How to remove ads is a tricky domain, that uses technical and psychological wiles to make users subscribe to its notifications via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari browsers. The website contains various phishing landing pages, that victims get redirected to from other resources they are visiting. Pages offer to click the "Allow" button, supposedly to get access to restricted content they were trying to download or watch. However, this is just useless intermediary page, that will offer to download fake Adobe Flash updates, adware apps or subscribe to site notifications. If users allow this, they will receive unwanted spam pop-ups in the right-bottom corner of the desktop. Also, a persistent module can be installed in browsers or directly in the system. This article contains step-by-step instructions to remove and get rid of ads, pop-ups and notifications in browsers.

How to remove (Windows and Mac) or Ecosia is contradictory search engine and browser add-on, that can override default settings of search, homepage and new tab in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on Windows or Mac OS. On their website, it is stated, that Ecosia is Germany-based internet search engine. It donates 80% of revenue to ecological companies focusing on planting trees. From a technical point of view, this is Bing-affiliated search, that provides results almost identical to The search engine is accompanied by extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with more than 2 million users. It is difficult to verify whether the statements of developers are true or false, but actions of Ecosia fall into the category of browser hijackers. Many users complained that appeared in browsers out of nowhere, without their agreement.

How to remove (Windows and Mac) and Maps Now are, accordingly, unwanted search engine and browser add-on, that modifies and controls browser's settings in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox on Windows or Mac. Hijacker overrides default or user-installed values of search engine, home page and new tab with website, that, in its turn, redirects search queries to Developers of Maps Now application claim, that it provides quick and convenient access to maps and directions from the start page of your browser. However, in fact, it creates third party search page, with links to well-known online maps, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps and MapQuest. Sole purpose of this extension is to earn on advertising revenue from redirecting to other search engine, and probably, from promoting other websites and programs.