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How to remove

0 is a suspicious page that can be accessed either by accidentally clicking on ads or due to Potentially Unwanted Programs that might exploit your system. In fact, the website has no useful information because it simply tricks users into allowing push-notifications in order to pass Captcha, download a file, enter a page, or something similar. If allowed, your desktop will be flooded by unwanted or even dangerous ads leading to malicious domains. Furthermore, if pops up consistently, there is a high probability that your browser is being spied by third-parties figures. To avert this, you should delete a program that force-opens

How to remove (Mac)

0 copies a number of traits from authentic browser hijackers - it assigns new search engines, generates low-sort ads, adds new widgets, and changes values in the Mac profile so that users could not remove it manually. This search engine does nothing extraordinary that could make it better than legitimate platforms like Google, Yahoo, Safari, Firefox, and others available on Mac-oriented systems. In fact, it is designed to enable data-tracking capabilities and collect confidential data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) to supposedly sell it to cybercriminals. Thus, can lead to privacy issues and should be removed from your computer once and for all.

How to remove (Mac)

0 is one of many search engines promoted by Potentially Unwanted Programs categorized as browser hijackers. After it gets on your PC, the browser will be assigned with new page that will appear at default startup settings. Also, it is established that redirects entered queries to another suspicious engine - "". Browser hijackers have full access to what you enter into the browser during the usage (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.). We recommend you to take instant measures and delete from your computer as soon as possible.

How to remove WikiBuy

WikiBuy is a completely legitimate extension designed for Chrome browsers and meant to take online shopping to a new level. It analyses products from different platforms (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.) showing the best deals for the customers. It is officially registered as one of the best tools to save time on searching for multiple offers. You can download it from the official store, however, some frauds use its legitimacy to promote Potentially Unwanted Programs or other malware. Moreover, cybercriminals can use its capabilities to gather personal data and sell it to shady figures. This means that if WikiBuy appeared enabled in your browser without consent, more likely you have been attacked by unwanted software. If so, we recommend you to go through our guideline below to learn removal instructions.

How to remove File Conversion Now Toolbar

File Conversion Now is a suspicious toolbar that replaces your search engine with and adds a feature to convert files in different formats. Whilst this add-on may seem to be very useful, such apps can gather personal data and redirect users to untrustworthy pages that impose shady content. Entered queries are shown from legitimate Yahoo search. Sometimes you can see unwanted ads hovering across pages because File Conversion Now generates traffic from them to earn money from advertisers. Besides that, any attempts to remove File Conversion Now in the browser settings will fail because it is supported by unwanted applications that might be installed on your PC.

How to remove Burst Search (

Burst Search is a rogue browser extension that acts like browser hijackers. Apps within this category assign a new homepage ( and redirect users' queries through the new search engine. Burst Search can be found and downloaded from the official add-on store in Chrome, however, very often such extensions get installed without the user's consent. This is because of potentially unwanted programs that sneak into your system unintentionally. Besides the above-mentioned, Burst Search adds the "Managed by your organization" headline in the menu settings which simply means that your browser is altered and controlled by third-parties software. Deleting or disabling Burst Search from browser settings will not help, you have to uninstall a potentially unwanted program first.