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How to remove (Mac)

0 promotes fake search engine and shows suspicious advertisements. These characteristics represent adware and browser hijacker's capabilities. Initially, such apps are ostensibly focused on providing a better browsing experience. However, on the surface, it looks the opposite. Instead of showing smarter and unique results, simply redirects users to or It has also been spotted that Prudensearch redirects users through another shady engine - Search engine settings are usually controlled by accompanying extension - PrudenSearch. As mentioned, also imposes intrusive banners that contain malicious links inside of them.

How to remove UtilityParse (Mac)

Developed by Pirrit family, UtilityParse is an unwanted program categorized as an adware that targets Macintosh systems. Very often, such apps get installed on users' PCs inadvertently. After successful penetration, you can see that UtilityParse asks permission to control your browser. Unfortunately, by clicking on the "OK" button, you grant access to your documents and data which can be gathered for revenue purposes. Moreover, adware-type programs including UtilityParse feed users with shady and irritable ads that may contain redirects to malicious pages. Thus, you should remove UtilityParse from Mac unless you want your personal data to leak away.

How to remove Coupon Lasso

Coupon Lasso is advertised as a browser-based tool that improves online shopping by saving time on choosing the most lucrative deals. Simply said, it uses certain algorithms to compare various offers from different platforms and tease out the best. Whilst such add-on may seem beneficial, Coupon Lasso is a shady application categorized as adware. Applications of these have access to your personal data (passwords, history, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and can gather it for revenue purposes. On top of that, Coupon Lasso might be collaborated with advertising campaigns and display low-sort banners that contain malicious redirects.

How to remove Secured Search (

If you spotted that your browser settings have been changed, then it is because a browser hijacker is installed on your computer. After infiltration, this specific virus alters your homepage to which will be seen each time you boot a browser. Unfortunately, any attempts to restore the settings are useless since Secured Search immediately changes them back. Browser hijackers are supposedly meant to improve the browsing experience by adding various features. For example, Secured Search extension assigns a new search engine that ostensibly generates more accurate and sorted results. However, after entering a query, you will be redirected to legitimate Not only browser hijackers can bother your browsing by showing intrusive ads, banners, and links without your consent, but they are also capable of gathering personal data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, history, etc.) that can be sold to third-parties. is fake and brings no promised value, therefore, it needs to be removed from your PC to secure your data.

How to remove OptimumSearch (

At some point, you may be wondering why your browser is constantly redirecting your homepage to Unfortunately, this is because your system is infected with a browser hijacker (OptimumSearch extension), that altered some settings. Often, such applications are meant to bring ostensibly good value. They assign new search engines and add a couple of features that smoothen the browsing experience. OptimumSearch is not an exception, however, its activity seems to be very suspicious and useless. It does not generate any unique results, instead, it just copies them from legitimate pages like Yahoo, Google, or Bang. Furthermore, the main target of such programs is collecting sensitive data for revenue purposes. The recorded intel is therefore shared with cybercriminals that put your identity under a threat.

How to remove

Browser hijackers have been one of the most prevalent methods for generating money and is not an exception. Unfortunately, most users remain unaware that potentially unwanted programs can lead to various privacy issues. Luckily, it is easy to detect the activity of After installation, it changes your address bar and search engine to which ostensibly improves the browsing experience. Instead, they generate fake advertisements and display results from legitimate Google search engine.