How to remove GeniusBox


GeniusBox is classified as browser adware application. Adware promises to “enhance search experience” by adding special box in Google search result page. Along with that GeniusBox generates ads on shopping websites, signed as “Ads by GeniusBox”, “powered by GeniusBox” or “brought by GeniusBox”. Also GeniusBox collects users personal information.

How to remove Speed Browser


Speed Browser by Eager Wire Apps LLC is Chrome alike browser. It spreads via bundled installations for the purpose of advertising. Speed Browser replaces Google Chrome on users desktop and installs special extensions in browsers. After this it will set as default browser for viewing sites and will open pages filled with ads and pop-ups. Speed Browser adware is a source of following advertisements: “Powered by Speed Browser”, “brought by Speed Browser” or “Ads by Speed Browser”.

How to remove

Standard belongs to the category of browser hijackers. There are several levels of infection. First one is simple: was just set to be default search and homepage in browsers. Second case can be fixed only by experienced user. can hijack shortcuts, replace all the browser settings in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also may install protection module to prevent this changes from being reverted by user.

How to remove Sonic Search


Sonic Search by Coffee and Comfort Apps is classified as potentially unwanted program. It is ad-supported search assistant in form of browser extension. It looks like sidebar with related website links on the left or right side of browser windows. Sonic Search installs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. On of the complains from users about Sonic Search is, that it appears from nowhere, installs without users consent.

How to remove SmartWeb


SmartWeb by SoftBrain Technologies Ltd is browser add-on for online shopping. It has functionality to show coupons and discounts on certain goods on certain sites. The problem is that along with this, SmartWeb creates lots of irrelevant and annoying ads and pop-ups on sites where users won’t like to see them. Ads have a sign “powered by SmartWeb”, “brought by SmartWeb” or simply “Ads by SmartWeb”.

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