How to remove Locky virus and decrypt .locky files


What is Locky virus

Update: in some cases .locky files can by decrypted by AutoLocky Decryptor from EmsiSoft. Read below to download free decryptor and leave comments if it works!

Locky is ransomware virus that encrypts you files using the RSA-2048 and AES-1024 algorithms and demands 0.5 BTC (bitcoins) (equivalent to $207) for receiving “Locky Decrypter” to allow user decrypt his documents and images. This is very dangerous blackmailing virus and there are currently only few ways to decrypt your files. In this guide we collected all information available that can help you remove Locky ransomware virus and restore infected files.

locky ransomware virus

How Locky virus infected your PC

Locky virus spreads via spam e-mail attachments as .doc or .xls file. Texts of these e-mails try to ensure user that attachments contains important invoice. After downloading it asks user to enable macros to be able to see the contents of the document. This macros downloads and runs executable file that starts encrypting user files. Affected files names are modified to unique 16 letter and digit combination with a .locky file extension. Then Locky virus opens _Locky_recover_instructions.txt file with instructions and URLs that lead to The Locky Decrypter Page.

locky decrypter page

Download Locky Virus Removal Tool

Download Removal Tool

To remove Locky Virus completely we recommend you to use SpyHunter from EnigmaSoftware Group LLC. It detects and removes all files, folders and registry keys of Locky Virus.

Alternative remover

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

As a good free alternative to remove Locky Virus use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It will detect core files and processes of Locky ransomware and eliminate them to allow you start decryption of your files.

How to remove Locky virus manually

It is not recommended to remove Locky virus manually, for safer solution use Removal Tools instead.

Locky virus files:


Locky virus reg keys:

HKCU\Software\Locky\completed 1
HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper "%UserProfile%\Desktop\_Locky_recover_instructions.bmp"

How to decrypt and restore .locky files

Update! Download free AutoLocky Decryptor from EmsiSoft here:

Download AutoLocky Decryptor

There is no purpose to pay the ransom, because there is no guarantee you will receive the key, but you will put your bank credentials at risk.

If you are infected with Locky ransomware and removed it from your computer you can try to decrypt your files. Antivirus vendors and individuals create free decryptors for some cryptolockers. However, there is currently no automatic decryption tool for .locky files. To attempt to remove them you can do the following:

Using Windows Previous Versions option:

  1. Right-click on infected file and choose Properties.
  2. Select Previous Versions tab.
  3. Choose particular version of the file and click Copy.
  4. To restore the selected file and replace the existing one, click on the Restore button.
  5. In case there is no items in the list choose alternative method.

Using Shadow Explorer:

  1. Download Shadow Explorer program.
  2. Run it and you will see screen listing of all the drives and the dates that shadow copy was created.
  3. Select the drive and date that you want to restore from.
  4. Right-click on a folder name and select Export.
  5. In case there is other dates in the list choose alternative method.

If you are using Dropbox:

  1. Login to the DropBox website and go to the folder that contains encrypted files.
  2. Right-click on the encrypted file and select Previous Versions.
  3. Select the version of the file you wish to restore and click on the Restore button.

How to protect computer from viruses like Locky in future

Use Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta

Famous anti-malware vendor Malwarebytes along with EasySync Solutions created tool that will help you with active anti-ransomware protection as additional shield to your current protection.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta

Use HitmanPro.Alert with CryptoGuard

Dutch vendor of legendary cloud-based scanner HitmanPro – Surfright released active antivirus solution HitmanPro.Alert with CryptoGuard feature that effectively protects from latest versions of cryptoviruses.

Download HitmanPro.Alert with CryptoGuard No ratings yet.

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  • Ivan R.

    Simplemente bajen algún programa de recuperación de datos como por ejemplo el recurva y listo, ya que ese virus primero los encripta y después borra los archivos; una vez recuperando la información formatear el equipo para eliminar cualquier rastro del virus.

    • Luis L.

      Eso no me funciona, no encontró nada con ese metodo.

    • ivette

      puedes indicarme cual es el programa por favor

    • Andrea

      Necesito que me ayude a recuperar mis archivos porfavor

  • me funciono a la perfeccion, solo descargando shadow explorer
    muchas gracias por todo

  • David 35

    Je viens d’être infecté par locky
    Comment dois je faire pour décrypter des fichers photo?

  • ben debba

    je viens d’être infecté par locky
    comment faire pour décrypter les fichiers ?


    Buenos días,

    Fui infectado por el virus “.locky ” y tras quitarlo de mi equipo, ahora me falta desencriptar los ficheros infectados. He probado varias herramientas y opciones sin exito (spyhunter, shadow copy,versiones anteriores…) ¿No existe algun desencriptador como para el .locked?

  • fui infetado por el virus locky quien me puede ayudar por favor

  • Josep

    Me he infectado con el virus locky en windows 10 a traves de un falso correo de ENDESA. He intentado recuperar los archivos con el Shadow y efectivamente aparecen copias de una semana anterior a la infeccion. El problema es que cuando exporto los archivos y los intento abrir no me los deja abrir. Al intentar abrir los archivos PDF me pone “Adobe no pudo abrir el archivo debido a que no es un tipo de archivo admitido o esta dañado) y por ejemplo al abrir los archivos word me pone “El archivo de formato XML abierto de Office no puede abrirse porque hay problemas en el contenido”. Tienen alguna solucion?


  • Pablo

    Gracias. La información es muy útil

  • Cabrito Assado

    Finally i found the solution!
    But i need the original HDD to recover the key used to encrypt files, please see this video

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