How to remove STOP (DJVU) Ransomware and decrypt .dutan, .forasom, .sarut or .fedasot files


STOP Ransomware (sometimes called DJVU Ransomware) is wide-spread encryption virus, that first appeared in December, 2017. Since then, lots of technical and design changes took place, and few generations of the malware changed. Ransomware uses AES-256 (CFB-mode) encryption algorithm to encode user’s files, and after this last version appends .dutan, .forasom, .sarut or .fedasot extensions. After encryption virus creates text files _readme.txt, that is called “ransom note”, where hackers disclose ransom amount, contact information and instructions to pay it. Authors of STOP Ransomware demand $980 for decryption of your files (also 50% discount offered, if ransom is paid within 72 hours) and give users 6 hours to answer. Statistics shows, that hackers may not reply after getting the payment. So you won’t receive their decryption tool. We do not recommend transferring any funds to such people. However, files encrypted by STOP (DJVU) Ransomware can be decrypted with help of STOPDecrypter, free decryption utility, that is able to decode .dutan, .forasom, .sarut or .fedasot files for free.

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