How to remove STOP Ransomware and decrypt .browec, .guvara, .etols, .grovat or .grovas files


STOP Ransomware (DJVU Ransomware) is high-risk widespread encryption virus, that first appeared near 1 year ago. It experienced several visual and technical changes throughout the time. In this tutorial we will analyse recent versions of this dangerous malware. In April of 2019, STOP Ransomware started to add following extensions to encrypted files: .browec, .guvara, .etols, .grovat or .grovas. They are sometimes called “Browec Ransomware”, “Guvara Ransomware”, “Etols Ransomware”, “Grovas Ransomware” and “Grovat Ransomware” respectively. Virus also modifies the hosts file to block Windows updates, antivirus programs, and sites related to security news or offering security solutions. The process of infection also looks like installing of Windows updates, malware shows fake window, that imitates update process.

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