How to remove Scarab Ransomware and decrypt .enter or .lol files


Scarab-Enter Ransomware is one of the varieties of Scarab Ransomware family. Scarab Ransomware has typical malicious activity: it encrypts user files using AES encryption and demands ransom of 0.3 BitCoins for decryption. Virus-extorsionist appends .enter or .lol extensions to encrypted files. Depending on version, after encryption Scarab Ransomware creates text files HELP HELP HELP.TXT or HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT text files with instructions to pay the ransom. Some of the previous Scarab versions were decryptable, however, if you won’t succeed in decryption, do not pay the ransom. There are a lot of reports from the victims, that malefactors don’t send decryptors. If Dr. Web Decryption Service fails for you, try manual instructions on this page and file-recovery software. In most cases this helps to restore some important files. In this article we collected, consolidated and structured available information about this malware and possible ways of removal and decryption.

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