How to remove STOP Ransomware and decrypt .promos, .promoz, .promok and .promorad files


Promos Ransomware is another generation of STOP Ransomware family from the same authors. This virus aims important user’s files, such as documents, photos, databases, music, mail. Ransomware encodes them with AES encryption and adds .promos, .promoz,.promock, .promorad, .promorad2 or .promok extensions to affected files. All these variations use similar algorithms, however, to this moment only .promos files encrypted by STOP Ransomware can be decrypted using STOPDecrypter (provided below). Authors of Promos Ransomware promise to send decryption tool for encrypted files in exchange for $980 (or for $490, if ransom is paid within 72 hours). We must warn the victims, that malefactors often don’t keep promises, and cheat users without sending a decoder. We recommend you to remove active infection of STOP Ransomware and use decryption tools available for .promos files. Keep encrypted files, that cannot be decrypted yet (.promoz, .promok, .promock, .promorad), to the moment, when decryption tool will be updated. Now you should try manual guide in this article to restore files. Usage of file-recovery software can also help users return some copies of files, that were removed earlier.

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