How to remove STOP Ransomware and decrypt .raldug, .refols, .roland, .tronas or .trosak files


STOP Ransomware is large family of encryption viruses with over than a year history. It has undergone multiple visual and technical modifications during the time. This article will describe peculiar properties of latest versions of this malware. Since the end of March, STOP Ransomware started to add following extensions to encrypted files: .raldug, .refols, .roland, .tronas or .trosak. The cost of decryption of files encrypted by STOP Ransomware is $980 (or for $490, if ransom is paid within 72 hours). Hackers should send special decryption tool, that will decode affected files. However, we must warn the victims, that malefactors often don’t keep promises, and don’t send the decoder. We recommend you to remove active infection of STOP Ransomware and use decryption tools available. STOPDecrypter is capable of decryption of .raldug, .refols, .roland, .tronas or .trosak files. You can also try manual guide in this article to attempt restoring files.

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