How to remove STOP Ransomware and decrypt .tfude, .tfudet or .tfudeq files


Tfude Ransomware, which is actually next generation of STOP Ransomware appeared in January of 2019. This virus encrypts user’s essential files, such as documents, photos, databases, music with AES encryption and adds .tfude (later started to append .tfudet and .tfudeq) extensions to affected files. This ransomware is almost identical to .puma Ransomware and .djvu Ransomware, and belongs to the same authors, because it uses the same e-mail adresses ( and and same BitCoin wallets. Tfude variation of STOP Ransomware displays fake Windows Update pop-up during the process of file encryption. From the file above we can understand, that hackers offer 50% discount for decryption, if ransom amount is paid within 72 hours. However, this is just a trick to encourage people to pay the ransom. Often hackers don’t send decryptor after this. We recommend you to remove executables of STOP Ransomware and save those encrypted files to the time, when decryption tool appears. Before that, you can try manual instructions described in this article to restore files.

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