How to remove Dharma-Html Ransomware and decrypt .html files


Dharma-Html Ransomware is one of the types of encryption viruses based on the code of the family of Crysis-Dharma-Cezar ransomware. Version, that is under review today has certain differences. It adds .html extension to encrypted files and uses other e-mail addresses for communication. Dharma-Html Ransomware, as well as other latest Dharma variations, doesn’t have decryptor, that can automatically decrypt encoded data. However, using instructions below can help you recover some files. Dharma-Html Ransomware creates suffix, that consists of several parts: prefix “id-“, identification number (alphanumeric and unique for each computer), developer’s e-mail address and .html extension. The pattern of the filename after encryption looks like this: file called 1.doc will be converted to{8-digit-id}.[{email-address}].html.

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