How to remove Dharma-Qbix Ransomware and decrypt .qbix files


Dharma-Qbix Ransomware is one of the subspecies of Crysis-Dharma-Cezar ransomware family, that appends .bkpx extension to the files it encrypts. Virus utilizes extension, that consists of several parts: e-mail adress, unique 8-digit ID (randomly generated) and .qbix suffix. As a rule, Dharma-Qbix Ransomware virus asks for $500 to $1500 ransom, that have to be paid in Monero, Dash or BTC (BitCoins), and in return they promise to send decryption key. However, malefactors often do not hold back promises and do not send any decryption keys, or just ignore e-mails from victims, who paid the ransom. It is not advised to send any funds to the hackers. Usually, after some period of time security specialists from antivirus companies and individual researchers break the algorithms and release decoding key. Its noteworthy, that some files can be restored by using backups, shadow copies, previous versions of files or file-recovery software and instructions given on this page.

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