How to remove Chromium (Windows and Mac)


Chromium is browser similar to Google Chrome. It is built on open source platform called Chromium. Many adware developers use it to develop Chrome-like browsers and install them using “bundle” along with free programs. Chromium sets itself as default browser for internet surfing and replaces Google Chrome icons on the desktop and pinned icons on taskbar. Users sometimes do not recognize the change.

How to remove “Chrominio Message Center” pop-up


Chrominio Message Center is annoying badware, that is hiddenly installed in Windows and shows different variations of pop-ups. This pop-ups contain following messages and promote Chromium browser. Chromium is built on the same platform as Google Chrome, they look similar, and many users can get confused. Malefactors use this to substitute Chrome on users computers with Chromium filled with adware, pre-installed malicious extension and unwanted search engines. Chrominio Message Center is intermediary program, but it can bring major problems.

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