How to remove (Mac and Windows)

Standard or Opti Page Search is malicious browser hijacker, that belongs to notorious Babylon Ltd., developer of Babylon Toolbar. It can infect both Mac and Windows computers and targets Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. overwrites default values of search engine and homepage settings. Users are redirected to and then to one of the following search engines:,,, Google Custom Search or itself, depending on users geolocation. Main page of this questionable website can be filled with ads “Powered by Taggy” and have sponsored links to third-party shopping sites.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is unwanted search engine for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers running on Mac. It is installed by browser hijacker along with freeware. This webpage is associated with famous Safe Finder malware and search queries, that user types on are redirected to and then to This website overrides search and homepage settings in browsers, and hijacker module does not allow user to revert this settings.

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