How to remove CryptConsole 3 Ransomware and decrypt your files


CryptConsole 3 Ransomware is the successor of CryptConsole and CryptConsole 2 ransomware viruses. This crypto-extortionist encrypts data on servers and PCs using AES, and then requires a ransom of 0.14 BTC (or sometimes $50) to return files. Virus was created on C# for the Microsoft .NET Framework. The third generation of CryptConsole started spreading in June, 2018. Most of variations extort 50$. They offer to decrypt 1 file for free, but the overall cost will then increase on 50$. Mention that CryptConsole 1 and CryptConsole 2 can be decrypted with a tool developed by Michael Gillespie (download below). The third version is currently undecryptable. You can restore files form bacckups, but if you don’t have backups, follow instructions below to attmempt restoring files using standard Windows featutes or using file-recovery software.

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