How to remove Evolution Ransomware and decrypt .evolution files


Evolution Ransomware is new ransomware with currently unknown genealogy. There are some indications, that it is based on hte code of Everbe 2.0 Ransomware. Virus encrypts user’s files using AES encryption algorithm and adds .evolution extension to encoded files. After contacting the developers via one of the provided e-mails, they demand 2 BitCoins for decryption and offer to decrypt 1 file for free as a proof. After this they send wallet for sending funds. 2 BitCoins at the time of righting this article had equivalent of $8000. We do not recommend paying the ransom as there is no guarantee malefactors will send final decryptor. Currently, there are no decryption tools available for this type of crypto-virus. The only way to get all files back is to restore from backups. You can also try to use instructions and tools below to recover some important files.

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