How to remove GandCrab v5.3 Ransomware and decrypt your files


GandCrab v5.3 Ransomware is probably imposter of original GandCrab Ransomware family. However, it still encrypts files in similar fashion to GandCrab v5.2 Ransomware. Encrypted files get .[5-6-7-8-random-letters] extension and ransom note file has different name: [5-6-7-8-random-letters]-MANUAL.txt, however, still looks identical to previous generation. After debugging executable files security specialists find ironical comments “Jokeroo, new ransom”, “We rulez!!”. Jokeroo is a new Ransomware-as-a-Service, that is promoted on underground hacking sites and via Twitter that allows affiliates to allegedly gain access to a fully functional ransomware and payment server. GandCrab Ransomware grows into separate industry, where people with bad intentions and basic computer knowledge can earn money with this criminal schemes. Some of the previous versions of GandCrab Ransomware could be decrypted with speciql decryptor from BitDefender, we will provide download link for this tool below.

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