How to remove (Windows and Mac)

Standard is insecure search website, that can infect Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It replaces default settings of new tab, home page and search engine. Depending on user location, can redirect to,,, From a technical point of view, is not a virus, although it hinders or completely blocks the work in the browser. Malware constitutes a threat to the privacy and security of personal data.

How to remove

Standard by Pinch of Awesome, LP is malicious search engine, that has become widespread lately. It replaces default search engine and homepage in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Depending on users location can redirect user queries to or Hijacker protects modified settings, so users are anable to get rid of and every time they open newtab unwanted search engine is loaded. Using third-party websites with unknown origin is dangerous and may lead to privacy issues.

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