How to remove STOP Ransomware and decrypt .myskle, .gerosan, .muslat or .boston files


If your files recently got .myskle, .gerosan, .muslat or .boston extensions, that means your PC is infected with encryption virus called STOP Ransomware (alternative name is DJVU Ransomware, because first versions of virus of this type appended .djvu extension). This is very wide-spread and actively distributed malware. Ransomware initially used AES-256 encryption algorithm, and there was no way for decryption. However, if during encryption process infected PC was out of internet, or connection with remote server of hackers was interrupted your files can be decrypted using methods provided below. STOP Ransomware has a ransom note called _readme.txt. In this text file malefactors give contact information and details on how to make a payment. Virus copies it on the desktop and in the folders with encrypted files.

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