How to remove MacAppExtensions


MacAppExtensions (Adware.MAC.Linkury.C) is malware related to hijacker, that we described in some of our earlier articles. It works in MacOS and targets Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. The main symptom is, that your browsers search and homepage settings change to, and this setting cannot be modified until MacAppExtensions is removed. However, this virus not only hijacks the browser, but also gathers private information about its user (collects data related to browsing activity: geolocations, entered search queries, URLs of visited websites, IP addresses etc.).

How to remove (Windows and Mac)

Standard is precarious search engine for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It appears in browsers after installing Tapufind New Tab extension and replaces default settings of homepage, search engine and newtab. This add-on was developed in Israel. redirects users search queries to, and gets commission from ad revenue in this search engine. Tapufind takes control of browser settings and doesn’t allow users to modify them. Changing settings won’t help, as they will be reverted back to Hijacker tracks and collects information about user’s online behaviour, such as search and visits history, that can be used for advertising purposes.

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