How to remove STOP (DJVU) Ransomware and decrypt .kiratos, .hofos, .roldat or .todarius files


DJVU Ransomware is, in fact, a subtype of notorious STOP Ransomware, that has been active since December, 2017. Virus uses AES-256 (CFB-mode) encryption algorithm. This new version adds .kiratos, .hofos, .roldat or .todarius extensions to encrypted files. STOP Ransomware belongs to family of crypto-viruses, that demand money in exchange for decryption. The good news are, that most of previous versions of STOP Ransomware could be decrypted using special tool called STOPDecrypter (download link below in the article). Kiratos Ransomware and Todarius Ransomware use exactly the same e-mails, ransom note patterns and other parameters: and Victims can also contact extortionists using Telegram messenger account: @datarestore.

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