How to remove (Mac)

Standard is unsafe search engine, related to Weknow company, that is notorious for its hijacker. Hijacker can modify search engine and homepage settings in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Mac. This one is built on another platform ( and redirects user’s queries to After some investigation, it turns out, that is a platform, that allows search providers earn money on using user’s computer power by mining cryptocurrency. So, after installs in browsers, it may use special JavaScripts or install certain browser extensions (like CoinUp add-on) to mine crypto-coins.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is search engine redirect and browser hijacker, that attacks Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Website is set up as homepage, new tab and default search engine. However, user search queries are redirected to, which is known browser hijacker. is often accompanied by browser extensions, that controls settings and can have random name. Having potentially unwanted add-on, can be dangerous for privacy as hijacker collects browser data and use it for commercial purposes.

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