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Standard a.k.a The Good Caster adware is malicious website, which sole purpose is to display ads, pop-ups, promotional landing pages and other types of advertising content in browsers. It affects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer. Advertisements from may promote rogue software, goods of low quality, phishing lottery pages and casinos. Adware creates “virtual layer” in your browsers (with help of virulent browser extension or malicious desktop application), that will allow it to show relevant ads on any legitimate website. This threat is dangerous for user’s privacy and computer security.

How to remove

Standard is domain used for browser redirects an pop-ups that lead to tech support scams, advertising browser extensions, surveys, adult or dating websites or other type of unwanted landing page. It may appear in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This domain is somehow related to well-known adware called Wizzcaster. There are also similar website, that has almost identical behavior.

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