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Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove is a dubious search engine promoted by a browser hijacker. Software of this type changes various settings like homepage and search engine as well. This means that whenever you open your browser, it will display the address without permission by default. Alike with many other browser hijackers, the search engine promoted is actually fake and instead works on the basis of a legitimate This means all search queries will be redirected through but then eventually end up on Cybercriminals do it to generate fake traffic and gain money on displayed advertisements. In addition, it is also possible that the program that hijacked your browser may be able to surveil and gather browser data (passwords, IP addresses, geolocations, etc.) for future financial abuse. Thus, if you became a victim of, we recommend you delete it using our guidelines below.

How to remove Jolly Web (

Jolly Web is a browser hijacker known for the promotion of - a fake search engine. Software of this type is usually categorized as unwanted due to its stealth installations and not user-friendly behavior. Browser hijackers get authorized permissions to modify certain browser settings. As a result, they become able to assign new search engines, change default homepages, and redirect users to unreliable websites. The reason why Jolly Web's search engine is fake is simply that it does not generate any results of its own and instead takes them from the legitimate Browser hijackers do this to garner fake traffic and earn money on it. Furthermore, such software may also be able to access browsing-related information such as cookies, IP addresses, geolocations, or passwords and abuse it for broader financial benefits. Victims of Jolly Web can therefore face various security risks without being aware of them. If you are a victim of this browser hijacker as well, we thus advise you to remove it from your computer. Use our guide below to do it fast and without traces.

How to remove My Login Hub

My Login Hub is a typical browser hijacker that claims to provide quick access to various e-mail accounts. Although it actually does, My Login Hub is considered a piece of unwanted software that should be removed. Upon its successful installation, users will see that the default address of the search engine, homepage, and new tab changes to This address persists each time users boot up the browser, open a new tab, or enter some queries into the search bar. One of the main drawbacks making browser hijackers practically useless is often their inability to generate individual search results. The search engine used by My Login Hub is fake and instead powered by the legitimate Yahoo search. This means a newly entered search query will be redirected through, but eventually end up displayed by In addition to this, researchers also point out on privacy risks associated with browser hijackers. Such software may surveil browser activity and collect important data like passwords, IP-addresses, or geolocations. This sensitive information may thereafter be sold to third-parties that could be potentially interested in it. To sum up, My Login Hub should be deleted from your browser and operating system as soon as possible because of doubtful features and security risks it may create.

How to remove Vkontakte DJ

Vkontakte DJ is a dubious desktop application that distributes itself under the name of a legitimate and popular Russian social media platform called "Vkontakte". A number of research groups classified it as a browser hijacker due to its features to change the browser homepage and search engine to without users' consent. On the initial basis, Vkontakte DJ positions itself as an application designed to help users download music and video without limitations. However, although such features may sound useful, their fulfillment may be poor and not bring the expected user experience. Users facing Vkontakte DJ on their PCs have also seen two more pieces of software installed in addition to it - "Yandex browser" and "Browser Manager". It is also likely you will see the icons of these programs pinned on the taskbar. Although the Yandex browser is legitimate, the company itself has a bad reputation for using intrusive methods of promoting its software. Note that Vkontakte DJ does not have any direct relation to Yandex, however, its developers may be in collaboration to promote Yandex services for getting money once successful installations occur. Vkontakte DJ is not a virus, but should be viewed as an unwanted application if you received it without permission. In such a case, we advise you to remove the application and everything else related to it (e.g. "Yandex browser", "Browser Manager", etc.). Use our guide below to do it fast and without traces.

How to remove Filmatory

This guide will help you remove Filmatory - an unwanted browser extension, often installed without the consent of users. As claimed by its developers, the extension is designed to deliver better film-related information. Unfortunately, when software investigators ran a thorough analysis, it turned out that Filmatory has capabilities of adware. Adware is a type of software used to generate intrusive advertisements of various kinds. These ads may lead to websites containing potentially dangerous content (e.g. online casinos, fake program installer pages, pornography websites, and so forth) that may put users' devices under security risks. The unwanted extension may also be able to access browser-related data like passwords, IP-addresses, or geolocation and use it for further monetization without users' permission. All of these functionalities mentioned have the potential to supply users with extensive security risks, allowing an easier pathway for other infections. It is worth mentioning that extensions like Filmatory may sometimes be stubborn enough to prevent users from their deletion using traditional methods. We thus recommend you to use our tutorial for deleting Filmatory fast and trace-free.

How to remove VLC Addon ads

VLC Addon tries to exploit users' familiarity with the legitimate VLC Media Player. In fact, it is fake and has nothing to do with the original program. Upon successful installation into a browser, the rogue extension triggers excessive generation of intrusive and suspicious ads across various pages. Since VLC Addon has access to essential browser features, it may also be able to surveil personal data (e.g. passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and collect it for monetary incentives. Having such an unwanted add-on installed might bear potential privacy and security risks causing malware proliferations, for instance. It is thus important to make everything sure no such activity continues its functioning inside the system. Follow our guide below to perform complete removal and leave no traces behind it.