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Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove (Mac) belongs to a category of potentially unwanted programs that impose fake search engines and other unnecessary features. Such changes are usually promoted by browser hijackers that are meant to exclude personal data from your browser settings and sell it to cybercriminals. In our case, applies an ostensibly useful engine on Mac browsers redirecting your queries through and other suspicious pages like or similar. Unfortunately, manual uninstallation does not give that much effect because browser hijackers tend to reinstall themselves multiple times, even without users' involvement. To get rid of all traces and provide safer experience in the future, we advise you to delete by using our guidelines below.

How to remove HideMeFast

HideMeFast is an illustration of browser-delivered infection that hijacks and manipulates settings. Programs with such features are classified as browser hijackers. HideMeFast gets installed without consent and assigns the "Managed by your organization" feature that can be seen in the menu of Google Chrome. This is made to block users from manual removal. The most obvious trait of browser hijackers is adding fake search engines that show results from legitimate platforms ( in our case). By doing so, they generate traffic and earn money from ads and other sponsored content. Besides that, alike other browser hijackers, HideMeFast is suspected in gathering personal data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and selling it to cybercriminals. Therefore, HideMeFast has no promised value and should be deleted to prevent detrimental consequences.

How to remove is an example of fake search engines promoted by a browser hijacker called Suls APP that is downloaded accidentally by reckless users. Apps of this type modify browser settings and impose their own view of how convenient browsers should look like. In fact, the promised value of smart algorithms supposedly meant to improve browsing is worthless. uses popular search systems like Google and replicates results from it. In addition, browser hijackers are categorized as potentially unwanted applications because they can track your data and collect it to pitch on the darknet and earn money eventually. If you are getting pissed off by, we will help you get rid of it in this tutorial.

How to remove (Windows and Mac) can cause absolute havoc over your browser by applying undoable changes - new search engine ( or and homepage appearance. These changes can affect your browser badly since they allow extortionists to spy on your data, collect it, and transfer to shady organizations or figures for revenue purposes. One more significant upset is that you cannot delete because it creates the UniversalWebResults profile that simply denies manual removal. The value of better search engines and other features are fake and cannot be taken seriously. This browser hijacker is a real threat that should be removed unless you want to deal with worse consequences.

How to remove (Windows and Mac) (or Practical Sprint) is a browser-based infection that tries to hijack your data. These applications are categorized as browser hijackers because they manipulate your browser settings and assign new features (search engine, widgets, backgrounds, etc.). It mainly affects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, however, other popular browsers can be attacked also. All of these changes are ostensibly meant to help you in surfing the net by generating smarter results and providing fast access to multiple resources. Unfortunately, all if this is a fool since it simply redirects users to legitimate We recommend you delete Practical Sprint to prevent data leaks and other consequences. The uninstallation process is mentioned in the article below.

How to remove Charming Tab (

Charming Tab ( is a potentially unwanted application categorized as a browser hijacker that manipulates browser settings in its favor. It adds a new search engine and overall appearance of the default tab. The usefulness of this tool dissipates because it shows results from legitimate Google and does not generate anything unique as claimed by its developers. Installation of such add-ons can lead to potential privacy leaks (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) due to tracking capabilities. Unfortunately, simply disabling Charming Tab will not help, instead, you have to make sure that you delete it from your computer without traces. We will help you to do so in this article.