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How to remove Deceptive Website Warning from Safari (Mac)

If you receive Deceptive Website Warning pop-up, that looks like on the first picture below, in Safari, when visiting well-known, reputable websites, searching in Google, Yahoo or Bing, it means your browser or computer is infected. On this page you will learn how to deal with this problem. If you are sure, that you were able to visit websites, where you now see "Deceptive Website Warning" pop-up, earlier, or you get it on websites like,, and others, go on reading this article. Here we give detailed tutorial to remove virus, that causes scam messages in Safari in Mac, including "Deceptive Website Warning".

How to remove (Mac) is unsafe search engine, related to Weknow company, that is notorious for its hijacker. Hijacker can modify search engine and homepage settings in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Mac. This one is built on another platform ( and redirects user's queries to After some investigation, it turns out, that is a platform, that allows search providers earn money on using user's computer power by mining cryptocurrency. So, after installs in browsers, it may use special JavaScripts or install certain browser extensions (like CoinUp add-on) to mine crypto-coins.

How to remove by APN, LLC is dangerous browser hijacker for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, that modifies settings of search engine and homepage. APN (Ask Partner Network) is related to once popular search engine, that was distributed via unwanted toolbars installations. looks like legitimate search website with search box, shortcuts with quick links to social networks and shopping sites and is said to be "enhanced by Google". After closer research, it turns out, that users queries are redirected to, that is filled with third-party ads in search results and is quite different from Google SERPs.

How to remove (Windows and Mac) is precarious search engine for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It appears in browsers after installing Tapufind New Tab extension and replaces default settings of homepage, search engine and newtab. This add-on was developed in Israel. redirects users search queries to, and gets commission from ad revenue in this search engine. Tapufind takes control of browser settings and doesn't allow users to modify them. Changing settings won't help, as they will be reverted back to Hijacker tracks and collects information about user's online behaviour, such as search and visits history, that can be used for advertising purposes.

How to remove (Mac) is another typical representative of search hijackers for Mac, that installs in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It infects browsers using Hogwarin extensions, that controls and modifies browser settings, such as homepage, default search engine and new tab. Settings cannot be changed by users, unless this malicious add-on is removed. As well as other hijackers of this type, redirects user's queries to Special removal tool for Hogwarin called Uninstall.dmg is offered on their website. It will presumably remove extension and reset the settings. However, we do not recommend downloading additional software from developers of adware and hijackers.