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Standard is objectionable website, that acts like browser hijacker. It attacks only Google Chrome, changing default settings of search engines and homepage. is designed to mislead users, because appearance can be confused with standard Google Chrome start page or new tab. This hijacker redirects user queries either to Google or Yahoo depending on origin of the user. Information that users type in the search box can be collected and used for advertising purposes.

How to remove Alpha Shoppers


Alpha Shoppers is browser ad-supported add-on, that installs in Google Chrome. After infiltration malware takes control over homepage and search engine settings in this browser. Adware redirects user queries to search powered by Search results by Alpha Shoppers may contain sponsored results and extra ads. Additionally, this unwanted application displays ads and coupons on shopping sites in form of drop-down windows, pop-ups, banners.

How to remove

Standard is search engine, that is used by Any Search Manager browser extension to modify settings in Safari and Google Chrome on MacOS. Add-on changes default search engine and homepage to and does not allow users to revert changes back. has clean and simple design, queries typed in the search box are redirected to in affiliation with notorious Safe Finder.

How to remove

Standard is website that is used by hijackers to modify browser settings in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Its misleading design and name can make users think, that this is standard Chrome startup page or legitimate search engine. Actually, search queries to are redirected to Color scheme and design resemble Google and it even has links to Google mail, video search, image search and Google plus social network.

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