Remove adware and stop ads, banners, coupons appearing in your browsers. Download quality antimalware tools.

How to remove ads (Windows and Mac) is a legitimate advertising service providing a URL-shortening feature. It is known for redirecting users to websites in order to display some paid advertisements before entering the actual page. However, by doing so, it can also provoke pop-ups appearing above the website and force you into pages that include lots of unwanted resources. Basically, push notifications offered by pop-ups can be pretty useful on such informative resources like blogs, online newspapers, and so on. Nonetheless, browser hackers managed to penetrate into and put tricky pop-ups to make you receive deceptive ads in the right bottom of your screen, that are often used to promote adware, browser hijackers, and potentially malicious applications. This may eventually fool you into clicking on these ads that may lead to intrusive advertisements, cause unwanted redirects, modify browser settings, and record sensitive data.

How to remove is a misleading website, designed to force users to allow push-notifications from its domain in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Edge. Although it has a spelling mistake in its name, the website tries to look legitimate, so that when users see a pop-up from "notification center" they may think it is normal. All dubious domains of this type using a standard browser feature to call default browser pop-up, asking to block or allow notifications. If users allow it, the malicious site will display ads and pop-ups in the form of default notifications. Links in these ads may lead to sponsor content, dangerous downloads, shopping sites. In other words, users open the hole in the computer's security with their own hands. In this tutorial, we will show how to remove ads and pop-ups and block its notifications in browsers.

How to remove ads is media download and converting service for YouTube, which promotes their Y2mate Muvi Downloader app for Android. Like many other websites of similar nature, provides the functionality of downloading video and audio from YouTube, in exchange for ads display. However, owners went on and try to force users to subscribe to the website's notifications and offer doubtful Google Chrome extension, called MeddleMonkey. This extension supposedly adds the "Download" button under YouTube player, but along with that, it gains access to personal data and browsers settings, which allows it to generate ads and redirects during browsing activity of the users. You should remember, that there are many much safer alternatives to, and downloading videos is, actually, the violation of YouTube guidelines.

How to remove is scammy website, that uses so-called "social engineering" to subscribe users to push-notifications. This is a browser feature, that allows websites to display their content updates directly on the desktop of the computers (usually in the bottom-right corner). This is widely used on blogs, news portals, Youtube and social networks to inform users about new posts, videos, news articles, friends updates. exploits this possibility to show advertising. is, in most cases, just an online browser-based advertising scam. It uses the combination of cunning wording and simple browser feature to deliver unwanted ads. However, sometimes, it can be related to actual virus infection.

How to remove Similar Photo Cleaner (Nspchlpr) (Mac)

Similar Photo Cleaner is ad-supported application for Mac. It was developed to detect and remove duplicate photos and pictures. It is one of those pointless apps, that provide low functionality, but leads to severe computer and privacy problems. It installs without user's consent, and does not disclose all conditions of the installation. The consequences of installing the program are pitiable: users start seeing ads and pop-ups in browsers, they get unknown programs installed without their intention. Besides, some users complain, that they cannot quit Similar Photo Cleaner, as it displays pop-up, that cannot be closed (see the picture below). All this peculiar properties put the program to the category of potentially unwanted apps.

How to remove is a viral site with spam and advertising, which displays annoying notifications in browsers. This can happen due to infection with a virus that penetrates your computer along with downloaded files and works quietly in the background. Or users manually granted access to the settings and allowed it to create push-notifications. While surfing the Internet or even when browsers are closed users may receive unwanted ads, news, promotions in the right-bottom corner of the desktop. Noticing these signs of infection, the user launches an anti-virus scan. If you use a good antivirus, it will find and remove the virus itself, but it will not touch the settings specified in browsers. Those can be fixed by manual manipulations or using special tools.