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Unwanted Apps

How to remove ScanGuard

ScanGuard positions itself as a useful PC optimization utility. It is, however, oftentimes categorized as unwanted software due to potentially sneaky distribution techniques. Most users get it either without consent or by accidentally allowing it during some other program installation. As a rule, such system optimizers have doubtful functionality performance. While ScanGuard claims to ensure safety on the web and against viruses, run disk cleanups, and also boost PC performance, it is often doubted in doing so effectively. On top of that, some unreliable system optimizers tend to create false lists of threats to make users purchase the premium version. Doing so will most probably be a waste of money due to generally poor capabilities of such software. If ScanGuard appeared without your knowledge or you were convinced to download it from somewhere, we therefore recommend you remove it using our guidelines below.

How to remove Vkontakte DJ

Vkontakte DJ is a dubious desktop application that distributes itself under the name of a legitimate and popular Russian social media platform called "Vkontakte". A number of research groups classified it as a browser hijacker due to its features to change the browser homepage and search engine to without users' consent. On the initial basis, Vkontakte DJ positions itself as an application designed to help users download music and video without limitations. However, although such features may sound useful, their fulfillment may be poor and not bring the expected user experience. Users facing Vkontakte DJ on their PCs have also seen two more pieces of software installed in addition to it - "Yandex browser" and "Browser Manager". It is also likely you will see the icons of these programs pinned on the taskbar. Although the Yandex browser is legitimate, the company itself has a bad reputation for using intrusive methods of promoting its software. Note that Vkontakte DJ does not have any direct relation to Yandex, however, its developers may be in collaboration to promote Yandex services for getting money once successful installations occur. Vkontakte DJ is not a virus, but should be viewed as an unwanted application if you received it without permission. In such a case, we advise you to remove the application and everything else related to it (e.g. "Yandex browser", "Browser Manager", etc.). Use our guide below to do it fast and without traces.

How to remove SafeSoft PC Cleaner

SafeSoft PC Cleaner is an unwanted system optimization utility. Programs of such are usually not able to provide the high-quality features they claim. They promise to fix various issues (e.g. obsolete Windows Registry items, junk files like cache, memory dumps, and so forth), but in turn create fake problem results to trick users into activating paid versions. SafeSoft PC Cleaner is not an exception as it is also suspected to do the same. Furthermore, some security experts point out that the program can be malicious and therefore dangerous for users who have it installed and running. If SafeSoft PC Cleaner got installed on your system, be it with or without your consent, we recommend you remove it and not pay for any services it may thereby offer. Use our guide below to do it fast and without traces.

How to remove Advanced ScreenSnapshot

As claimed by developers, "Advanced ScreenSnapshot is the most convenient way to take a customizable screenshot". While this application may provide the promised screenshot-related features indeed, its distribution means employed by the creators make it categorized as an adware-type program. The reasons for that are virtual layers abused by cybercriminals to display obtrusive and irrelevant ads over innocent pages. Advanced ScreenSnapshot may be able to promote various banners and ads redirecting users to unwanted or even dangerous pages. Adware applications are also notorious for their ability to track and gather sensitive data (e.g. passwords, IP addresses, geolocations, etc.). Users having Advanced ScreenSnapshot installed may be susceptible to the above-mentioned threats to a tangible extent. It is also worth noting that Advanced ScreenSnapshot might not be the only adware application being spread around the web. It may very well have several clones promoting unwanted changes under the disguise of useful capabilities. We, therefore, recommend you deal with ScreenSnapshot and delete it from your computer as soon as possible. More information on this can be found in our guidelines below.

How to remove Bloom adware

Bloom is a sneaky application developed to promote unwanted advertising content. Users may end up having this application installed as a result of downloading some third-party software from the net. Software with advertising abilities is often categorized as adware. It aims at generating traffic by displaying intrusive content to users who browse the web. The kind of content usually depends on users' geolocations and browsing habits. Bloom may show advertisements even on legitimate and official pages like Youtube, Facebook, and other websites by using virtual layers. The shown advertisements may sometimes look nice, but conceal unwanted redirects to adult pages, online casinos, web games, fake software updates/installers, and tons of other low-quality content. Operation of adware inside of a system may also mean lower PC performance due to higher consumption of CPU and Memory resources. If you feel yourself being a victim of Bloom adware with the symptoms we listed above, then use our guide below to perform its removal and restore normal computer experience.

How to remove PC Doctor

Developed by Mesa Roha Solutions LLC, PC Doctor is considered to be a rogue browser application (extension). It claims to improve general PC performance, increase browsing safety as well as deliver other useful features. Although PC Doctor positions itself as a legitimate product, its deceptive distribution techniques made it acquire a label of potentially unwanted software. This is because it is often spread along with other freeware programs from third-party resources (,,, etc.). The extension is also heavily doubted in its efficiency and reliability as well. PC Doctor is able to access your browser session and gather personal content (e.g. passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) to use it for selling purposes afterwards. Users that got PC Doctor unwillingly have also reported they see an increased number of ads while surfing the web. PC Doctor does have that ability indeed and can generate additional ads to earn money on traffic. In summary, this browser extension is unwanted and recommended to be removed from your PC. Follow our instructions below to do it correctly and without traces.