Get rid of annoying pop-ups, ads, deals in your browsers. Complete instructions for different adware pop ups.

How to remove Receiver Helper (Mac)

Receiver Helper is one of those rogue applications that modify browser preferences on Mac. Such programs are often categorized as adware or browser hijackers because they incessantly display unwanted advertisements and intrusive pop-ups whilst browsing. To illustrate, Receiver Helper shows an annoying message saying that "helper" will damage your computer and needs to be moved to the Trash. Weirdly, clicking on a shortcut leads to nothing, sometimes such messages may redirect users to dangerous websites that run executable scripts for infecting the PC. It is also necessary to mention that Receiver Helper is covering multiple websites like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari as well. After infiltration, it customizes the default homepage and search engine. By doing so, developers add ostensibly useful features that improve users' experience. However, the entered queries are not uniquely-generated, instead, they are taken from legitimate Bing or Yahoo. By altering settings, extortionists are able to spy on your personal data (e.g. passwords, messages, history, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and share it with third-parties.

How to remove Search Maven ads

Search Maven is an adware-type program that enhances online-shopping by adding various features. The application employs algorithms to display exclusive offers, coupons, and other content based on users' shopping habits. On the first hand, the program is absolutely legitimate and indeed improves your browsing experience by generating better and cheaper deals from other shops compared to rivals. Of course, it can save a lot of time searching for the same products on multiple platforms in favor of a more satisfying price. Basically, It collects the deals and combines them into a structured window. Despite all of this useful functionality, Search Maven can promote dubious ads that redirect users to questionable or malicious domains. These manipulations can push inadvertent infections and put your data under risk of getting hijacked by cybercriminals.

How to remove Traffic Junky ads

Traffic Junky is a legitimate advertising network that is used by website holders for displaying ads and generating profit. However, if your browser is cluttered with dubious ads without your consent, then more likely it is because adware infected your system and modified certain settings. Most extortionists abuse legitimate networks by inserting malicious banners that contain redirects to dangerous domains, especially those running executable scripts to penetrate computers. They bundle customized software into freeware that plagues your browser with multiple ads, surveys, pop-ups, and other intrusive content. If you think that adware-type does not endanger your privacy, then you are totally wrong. Besides spreading deceptive advertisements, adware-type programs can lead to serious privacy issues since they are often capable of collecting personal data (e.g. credentials, IP-addresses, geolocations, passwords) and transferring them to cybercriminals.

How to remove RelevantKnowledge ads

RelevantKnowledge is a rogue application categorized as adware. It is promoted as an "online market research community consisting of over 2 million members worldwide, which provides insight into how its members interact with the Internet”. RelevantKnowledge ostensibly improves browsing by displaying more relevant banners basing on users' preferences. Although this service may seem useful, it is designed to collect anonymous browsing data and sell it to cybercriminals. When RelevantKnowledge is installed, it instantly changes browser settings in order to impose a multitude of ads displayed upon the content of pages. Such ads are more likely to contain redirects to adult websites, fake flash player updaters, freeware, and other malicious pages.

How to remove Bestdealfor.life

Watch out if you see the Besdealfor.life (Bestdealfor.life, Bestdealfor1.life, Bestdealfor2.life, Bestdealfor3.life, Bestdealfor4.life, Bestdealfor5.life) domain in your browser because it can cause a lot of problems. Usually, this kind of website is visited due to 2 options: by clicking on dubious ads/links or being infected with potentially unwanted programs that hijacked your browser. Bestdealfor.life attempts to force-click users on the "Allow" button to confirm that you are not a robot or other social tricks. In fact, you confirm nothing, instead, you allow the script to install adware on your PC that will display countless ads of a different character. These manipulations can lead to potential privacy threats and other problems related to confidential information (like passwords, credentials, IP-addresses, etc). Even if you got trapped by Bestdealfor.life, we will help you get rid of it in the guide below.

How to remove Goodgame Empire ads

Goodgame Empire is a legitimate videogame designed by GoodGamesStudios 1.0. However, if it sneaked into the system without your consent, then more likely it is adware attempting to steal your personal data and cause multiple other issues. After installation, it adds a videogame icon on your desktop that redirects users to http://empire.goodgamestudios.com/?w=312735. Thereafter, you can start playing an online game simply by typing your nickname and password which is a great maneuver to distract users from adware's main activity. Note that potentially unwanted programs like adware disturb user experience by displaying both browser and on-screen banners, coupons, and other types of advertisements. This is why we recommend removing Goodgame Empire if it appeared on your computer without your permission.