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Mac Errors

Tutorials, that will help you troubleshoot various system and application errors in different versions of MacOS, caused by driver malfunction, virus infection, software incompatibility, etc.

How to fix kernel_task high CPU usage on Mac

If you walk in the Activity Monitor, which is the equivalent to the Windows Task Manager, you will see a number of processes and resource consumption of it. If some of the tasks are highlighted red exceeding the amount of CPU usage, Mac becomes sluggish, overheating boosts fan speed producing a lot of sounds, and other disturbing effects that prevent you from normal usage. Kernel_task is simply the name of different processes reflecting additional information upon them. There are multiple reasons that can destroy Mac performance such as malware, bugged updates, wrong software configuration, and hardware problems. Unless taken seriously, this can reduce the lifespan of your processor, graphic card, or other components. We have gathered several methods that have been successful at dealing with kernel_task issues.