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Welcome to the “Game Errors” category on, where we help you tackle the most frustrating part of gaming—technical glitches and errors. From fatal crashes to annoying bugs that hinder your gameplay, our expertly curated guides and solutions are designed to get you back in the game as quickly as possible. Explore comprehensive articles that detail common and obscure issues across a wide range of games on various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Whether you’re facing installation problems, runtime errors, or performance setbacks, find effective troubleshooting steps and tips to enhance your gaming experience. Let’s defeat those bugs together—happy gaming!

How to play Hades 2 on Mac

Hades 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Supergiant Games' critically acclaimed roguelike, Hades, has quickly garnered popularity for several reasons. Its predecessor set a high bar with its engaging gameplay, rich storytelling, and unique art style, winning numerous awards and a dedicated fanbase. Hades 2 builds upon this foundation, introducing new characters, environments, and gameplay mechanics while retaining the core elements that made the original game a success. Hades 2 introduces Melinoë, the sister of Zagreus from the first game, as the new playable character. This change brings fresh narrative perspectives and character dynamics to the game. The story revolves around battling the Titan of Time, Chronos, adding new layers to the game's mythological world. The sequel introduces new gameplay elements, such as Omega attacks and a Magick mana pool, which add depth to combat strategies. These changes, along with new weapons and abilities, offer players a fresh yet familiar gameplay experience. Upon its Early Access release, Hades 2 quickly surpassed the original game's all-time peak player count on Steam, reaching over 100,000 concurrent players within the first day. This impressive milestone reflects the game's widespread appeal and the community's eagerness to dive into the sequel. While Hades 2 is currently available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PC, there are ways to run it on Mac. The game's developer, Supergiant Games, has expressed intentions to eventually release Hades 2 for Mac and console platforms, although specific platforms and release dates have not been confirmed yet. In the meantime, Mac users have successfully run Hades 2 using compatibility layers such as CrossOver.

How to play Apex Legends on Mac

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It features a character-driven, squad-based gameplay where players select from a roster of Legends, each with unique abilities and playstyles. The game emphasizes strategic squad play and innovative combat mechanics. Each Legend in Apex Legends has distinct abilities, including tactical, passive, and ultimate skills. This variety allows players to choose characters that suit their playstyle and contributes to a dynamic and varied gameplay experience. The game incorporates significant strategic elements, which vary with each match due to the different combinations of characters and player decisions. This depth keeps the gameplay engaging and challenging. Unlike many other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends does not have a solo mode; it is designed around duos and trios, promoting teamwork and coordination. Apex Legends has a strong community and supports esports with tournaments that attract competitive players, further boosting its popularity. Running Apex Legends on a Mac is not straightforward, as the game is not natively supported on macOS. However, there are a few methods that Mac users can try: using Windows via Boot Camp and cloud gaming services.

How to play eFootball 2024 on Mac

eFootball 2024 is a free-to-play soccer simulation game developed by Konami, continuing the evolution from the previous Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series into the eFootball brand. The game is known for its realistic gameplay, detailed player animations, and strategic depth, appealing to soccer enthusiasts and gamers alike. It offers various modes, including building and managing a dream team, competing in online matches, and participating in different events aligned with the real-world football calendar. Running eFootball 2024 on a Mac is possible but comes with certain challenges and limitations. The game itself does not have a native macOS version. However, Mac users have a few options to play eFootball 2024. Among the best methods is Crossover compatibility layer, that allows to run Windows apps and games on Mac. Users can also use cloud gaming services like Boosteroid and AirGPU to stream the game from powerful Windows PC in cloud to any Mac or even Android device. Finally, Intel Mac owners may use Boot Camp to install Windows on Mac and then install eFootball 2024 like on a regular PC.

How to play Fallout 4 on Mac

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Released on November 10, 2015, the game is set in a devastated Boston and surrounding Massachusetts region known as "The Commonwealth" in the year 2287, 210 years after a catastrophic nuclear war. Players assume the role of the "Sole Survivor," who emerges from a long-term cryogenic stasis in Vault 111 to find their spouse murdered and their son kidnapped, setting off a quest that traverses the dilapidated landscape. The game is renowned for its open-world exploration, deep crafting systems, and the freedom it offers players in story decisions and character development. New features introduced in Fallout 4 include a layered armor system, base-building, and a dynamic dialogue system with a fully voiced protagonist. These elements, combined with the ability to continue playing after the main story ends and the extensive mod support from the community, have contributed to the game's long-standing popularity. Fallout 4 has experienced a resurgence in popularity recently, largely due to the release of a Fallout TV series on Amazon Prime. The show has sparked renewed interest in the Fallout game series, leading to increased player counts across various entries, including Fallout 4. Additionally, Bethesda announced a next-gen update for Fallout 4, which has further fueled interest as players anticipate enhanced graphics and performance. Despite its popularity, Fallout 4 is not natively supported on macOS and Apple Silicon devices. However, Mac users can still play Fallout 4 through several methods: cloud gaming, Crossover, Parallels, and Boot Camp for older Intel-based Macs.

How to play Gray Zone Warfare on Mac

Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game that has recently gained significant attention and popularity, primarily due to its realistic gameplay and strategic depth. The game is set in a vast MMO open world and features both PvEvP and PvE modes, where players join a Private Military Company and engage in intense combat scenarios against both human operators and AI enemies. The game's setting on Lamang Island adds a unique backdrop to the tactical engagements and exploration elements. Despite its popularity, Gray Zone Warfare has faced significant criticism regarding its performance. Players have reported issues such as low frame rates, crashes, and other stability problems, even on high-end PC systems The game is developed using Unreal Engine 5, which is known for demanding high system resources, contributing to these performance issues. Currently, Gray Zone Warfare is not available for macOS. The game has been developed and optimized primarily for Windows PCs, and there has been no official announcement regarding a macOS version. Players interested in this game who only have access to Mac computers might need to consider cloud gaming or installing Windows via Boot Camp (powerful Intel Macs only). Options to play it via Crossover, Whisky or Parallels are not available, due to high resource demands and low optimization of the game.

How to play No Rest for the Wicked on Mac

No Rest for the Wicked is an action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by Moon Studios, known for their critically acclaimed Ori series. The game has garnered attention for its unique approach to the ARPG genre, blending elements from various game styles to create a fresh experience. It was launched into Steam Early Access on April 18, 2024, and has been met with mixed reactions from players and reviewers. The game sets itself apart with its combat system, which moves away from the rapid, ability-triggering skirmishes seen in games like Diablo or Path of Exile. Instead, it offers steady, methodical, and deadly swordplay against smaller groups of enemies. This shift towards precision and strategy in combat has been a point of interest for many players. Moon Studios' signature painterly art style, which was highly praised in the Ori series, is also a significant draw for "No Rest for the Wicked." The game's visual appeal, with its expressive characters and stunning environments, contributes to its popularity. The game attempts to redefine the ARPG genre by incorporating elements from Souls-like games, survival games, and even roguelites. This genre-blending approach has piqued the curiosity of many gamers who are looking for a different kind of ARPG experience. As of the information available, "No Rest for the Wicked" was initially released in Early Access only on Steam, which typically supports Windows. However, there has been an announcement regarding a MacOS port. A developer from Moon Studios positively answered questions about the MacOS port on the Steam Community, indicating that they are aiming to have a Mac version of the game. Currently there are 3 methods to run No Rest for the Wicked on Mac: Crossover, cloud gaming services and Boot Camp (if you have powerful Intel-based Mac). We were not able to start the game on Parallels, although some powerful Macs may handle it on a VM.

How to play Manor Lords on Mac

Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game that has garnered significant attention and popularity due to its unique blend of city building and tactical combat. The game allows players to experience the life of a medieval lord, managing a village that can grow into a bustling city. Players must handle resources, production chains, and expand their lands through conquest. The game is noted for its historical accuracy, inspired by the art and architecture of late 14th century Franconia, which informs its gameplay mechanics and visuals. Regarding compatibility, Manor Lords is not available for macOS. The game's system requirements specify that it needs Windows 10 or higher, thus it cannot be natively played on MacBooks or iMac desktops. For Mac users interested in playing Manor Lords, options like Boot Camp (Intel Macs) or Crossover (All Macs) allow Windows to run on Mac devices, but these solutions involve additional steps and may not provide an optimal gaming experience. As of now, there is no official support or version of Manor Lords for macOS, limiting its accessibility to users of Apple's computing platforms. Another option is cloud gaming, Manor Lords is present on GeForce Now and can be also played on virtual PCs like Shadow PC or AirGPU.

How to play EA FC 24 on Mac

EA Sports FC 24, the successor to the FIFA series by Electronic Arts, is a popular association football simulation video game. However, Mac users interested in playing this game may face some challenges, as the game is not natively supported on macOS. For those looking to play EA Sports FC 24 on a M1/M2/M3 Mac, one potential solution is to use a cloud gaming service like Boosteroid, AirGPU or Shadow PC. This service allows users to play the game on various devices, including Mac computers, by accessing a full Windows gaming setup hosted in the cloud. This method bypasses the need for native macOS support by streaming the game from a remote server. Playing EA Sports FC 24 on a Mac via Bootcamp is a potential solution for users with Intel-based Macs. Boot Camp is a utility provided by Apple that allows users to install and run Windows on a separate partition of their Mac's hard drive, effectively enabling them to boot into either macOS or Windows upon startup. There is a possibility to run EA Sports FC 24 through Boot Camp on a high-powered Intel-based Mac, such as a Mac Pro or a high-end iMac. However, it is important to note that EA Sports FC 24 has specific hardware requirements, such as a GPU with a minimum of 4 GB of VRAM, which could be a limiting factor for some Mac models. Boot Camp is a better option for gaming on a Mac compared to virtualization software like Parallels, as it allows the hardware to focus on running just one operating system at a time, providing better performance for games. Besides, tools like Crossover and Parallels may trigger EA Anti-cheat errors on game startup. However, the success of running EA Sports FC 24 on a Mac via Boot Camp will depend on the specific Mac model and its hardware capabilities.