Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove LandSlide Search ( from Mac

LandSlide Search is a malicious piece that exists in both program and extension versions. It is presented as a tool to alleviate the searching process by altering your homepage and changing the search engine to For example, if you try to type something in Google search engine it will instantly dispatch you over to its LandSlide Search engine. However, it operates as a hijacker that is supposed to track your browser's activity and show unwanted advertisements on its homepage apparently as a way to gain profit. Most fabricated search engines cannot actually generate search results, so they automatically redirect to Google, Yahoo, Bing or other legitimate search engines. is not an exception, it redirects to Yahoo search engine which seems to be minor and absolutely clear. However, it still drops the browser working speed and can gather your data (such as IP-addresses, passwords, geolocations and other valuable info).

How to remove MindSpark Toolbar (Windows and Mac)

MindSpark ToolBar is one of the browser extensions that is installed directly to your computer and aimed to provide a more convenient browser interface including customizable homepage, fast access to multiple websites, your social pages, online stores and so forth. Besides that, it changes the search engine to "Ask" and outgoing results as well. It is available for the most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Generally, there are so many analogs of it that seem to be executing the same positive purpose, although not for users themselves. And this is when the dark side begins. MindSpark ToolBar can also show lots of malicious ads, pop-ups and banners whilst surfing. It is capable of acquiring access to your personal data, passwords and many other morsels that third parties can largely chew on.

How to remove (Mac) is unpleasant browser search redirect related to Searchmine browser hijacker. It manifests itself in Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox by modifying default search engine and homepage settings. Malware takes control over these settings, as well as new tab settings, with help of QSearch extension or application of the same name. In many cases, the problem can be solved by removing the unwanted app, however, it is, often, hidden from users and has many leftover items in system folders. That is why we recommend you to use special anti-malware tools for Mac offered below. is not a virus or worm, it acts more like adware, by providing undesired search results, filled with ads, sponsored links, etc.

How to remove (Mac) or Search Marquis is search site, that causes undesired consequences in browsers. The hijacker can infect Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on macOS. After infiltration, it modifies settings of the homepage and search engine to This is intermediary search page with minimalistic design, as you can see in the picture below, that redirects typed queries to,, Baidu,, depending on the geolocation of the user. The principle of operation of is based on hijacking browsers, referring traffic to affiliate search systems and getting a revenue share. Along with that website has a poor privacy policy and can collect browsing data and sell it to advertising companies.

How to remove (Windows and Mac) is a search engine, that prioritizes users privacy and tries to provide best results and not depending on users interests and browser and search history. It can be installed in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari on Windows and Mac. Often, is accompanied with an add-on, called DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials. This extension is available in Chrome Store and in Firefox Add-ons catalog. This extension sets up as default search engine and sometimes as homepage. The add-on also ads sites security checking feature and sites privacy analyze. The complete removal of website from settings is impossible without DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials uninstallation. Below you can find step-by-step instructions to remove from browsers and reset browser settings.

How to remove TamperMonkey (Windows and Mac)

TamperMonkey by Jan Biniok is controversial browser extension, that can be installed in many browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and some others. It allows users to install and maintain custom scripts in browsers, that can serve different purposes. For example, it may help download music and video content from social networks or filter ads. TamperMonkey also works in symbiosis with other popular plugins to perform certain tasks or expand functionality. However, along with pros users get unpleasant cons. In particular, many users complain, that TamperMonkey installs without their consent. Some users see third-party ads after installing this add-on. Generally, there are concerns about the security and privacy of this application, as it gets access to deep internal browser settings and has a large user database of 10 million users.