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Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove (Mac)

0 represents the address of a fake searching system that targets Mac systems. Such programs are often related to browser hijackers that impose certain changes in browser settings. tries to be serviceable by generating smarter and unique results designed by developers. However, the reality looks completely different as it redirects users through the legitimate Yahoo search engine. These integrations are not agreed with Yahoo developers, meaning that it is used illegally to produce traffic activity based on entered queries. All in all, is labeled as an unwanted program capable of stealing personal data (IP-addresses, geolocations, passwords, etc.). Thus, we recommend you remove it as soon as possible to prevent third-party presence in your personal life.

How to remove (Mac) is an unwanted redirect that happens to be on Mac systems. It is forced by the Cyber Search browser hijacker that arrogates browser settings to run fishy activity. Users that encounter this redirect on a regular basis, can see the "Managed by your organization" label in the browser menu meaning that your browser is controlled by a third-party venue. In addition to that, Cyber Search does not have a unique searching system to generate its own results. Instead, it uses legitimate for Chrome and for Safari to display suspicious results. Cyber Search can be dangerous for your data. In fact, it can steal it away (passwords, credit cards, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and sell it to other parties for revenue purposes. Removing Cyber Search from your PC is necessary for identity protection, so follow the instructions provided below to perform a clean and full deletion of Cyber Search.

How to remove (Mac) is a potentially unwanted program determined as a browser hijacker. Improved search results, better algorithms, and security system are the features supposedly meant to be part of Unfortunately, this is not the case, because it uses ostensibly useful capabilities to cover suspicious activity which includes data surveillance (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.), obtrusion of unwanted content, and other things disrupting the browsing experience. works on the basis of a legitimate Google system to generate fake results spreading intrusive content - coupons, promotional links, trivia, lotteries, and other goods meant to shape up a good impression about the unwanted program. Do not get deluded by such a concept and delete from your computer here and now, following the guideline below.

How to remove GamingWonderland

GamingWonderland is a type of toolbar that adds a new homepage and search engine to your browser. The main feature of GamingWonderland is to provide fast icons to arcade online games. In addition to this, the toolbar brings widgets creating a list of popular platforms like Youtube to enter right from the homepage. Whilst such changes can improve and even alleviate browsing experience in some sense, a group of cyber researchers decided that GamingWonderland should be treated as an unwanted extension. This is because it alters certain browser settings to supposedly gather personal data and generate fake traffic of queries by using Google search engine. GamingWonderland has got some features deserving a thumb up, however, its fishy behavior is not worth letting it run in your browser unless you want to suffer a privacy loss. Some users do not manage to delete it using domestic methods, hence we will help you do it in the article below.

How to remove Link Default Search (

Link Default Search is an unwanted application that aggressively hijacks your browser by adding a new search engine ( These changes are extremely popular around such infections, you can also see the interface change and a couple of details to highlight the hijacker. Originally, browser hijackers are ostensibly created to improve the browsing experience by adding new features. Unfortunately, this contradicts reality as Link Default Search simply redirects users to Google and shows results from it. This practice is made to generate fake traffic to monetize advertised banners and other content. Oftentimes, attacked users struggle to deal with Potentially Unwanted Programs because they can alter system registries, which prevents people from manual removal.

How to remove

Some users complained that Google Chrome started redirecting queries through to, or third-party This is related to the fact that they have been infected by a stubborn app - a browser hijacker that changes search algorithms redirecting through unwanted engine. In some cases, these infections force users to relent and delete either of browsers to stop seeing the redirects. In fact, there is a way to overcome the annoying activity of and delete it from your computer. Our guide below will help you in doing so. Just follow the step-by-step instructions presented by our crew.