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Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove search Enhanced by Google

Enhanced by Google is a label applied by many browser hijackers to their search engines. Usually, it can be met in browsers infected by one of the toolbars from the Mindspark family. There are hundreds of similar toolbars (browser extensions) with different names. The malware of this type (browser hijackers) invade browser settings and change them by adding a new search engine and shortcuts for quick access to preferred websites. Search queries redirected through this category of browser hijackers depict results from the original Google system. You should know that browser hijackers are considered as Potentially Unwanted Programs since they can collect personal data and use it in bad means. They also generate traffic from entered queries to earn additional cash. Thus, negative points definitely overweigh its advantages meaning that you should remove it from your PC to prevent confidential damage.

How to remove BrowserSync

BrowserSync is an unwanted extension that gets installed in your browser without consent. Its capabilities are ostensibly meant to ease up the shopping experience by analyzing the market and showing most juicy deals. Unfortunately, BrowserSync promotes sponsored products to earn additional money from generated clicks. Most legitimate extensions access browser settings to enable their features. Transparent policies and strong regulations by Google guarantee that your data will not be used badly. BrowserSync, however, hijacks your settings in order to generate redirects to suspicious websites, show shady ads and banners, or even collect personal information to share with cybercriminals. These changes may downgrade the performance of your browser and slow it down significantly. Thus, we recommend you to uninstall BrowserSync and learn more about protection tips in the article below.

How to remove is a legitimate alternative to many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Unfortunately, some extortionists abuse it to generate unwanted content as well as redirects to suspicious domains. If your queries started being redirected through without consent, there is a chance that your browser is controlled by a browser hijacker - potentially unwanted program designed to modify browser settings in order to gain personal access and collect sensitive data to make earnings upon. Such changes can rise massive privacy issues and sometimes lead to additional infections. To get rid of unwanted redirects and clean up your system from suspicious applications, follow our instructions below.

How to remove (Mac) is part of potentially unwanted program categorized as a browser hijacker. Applications of such type are inclined to create an environment for better browsing experience by assigning new search engines and other subservient features. Unfortunately, Flexible Locator does not generate unique results, instead, it simply readdresses user's queries to legitimate Also, it has been determined that can access your personal data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and collect it for selling purposes. Browser hijackers can be dangerous by any means and have to be deleted from your computer for all. Follow the tutorial below to learn removal instructions and potential ways of how FlexibleLocator could infiltrate your system.

How to remove Yahoo! Powered

Yahoo! Powered is an ostensibly useful application that improves your browsing capabilities. Sometimes there are indeed effective tools that customize your browser and make it better. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about Yahoo! Powered since it is an unwanted extension categorized as a browser hijacker. Once it penetrates your system, it becomes almost impossible to perform full deletion without third-parties instruments. The default search engine is therefore changed to which simply resets your browser to the Yahoo searching system. Potentially unwanted programs (applications) like this are known for collecting personal data and selling it to cybercriminals. This is why the presence of such add-ons can cause identity issues and other leaks that remain unnoticed.

How to remove Blast Search (

Being classified as a browser hijacker, Blast Search is an add-on that manipulates settings and assigns a new search engine. This search engine ( is presumably meant to provide wiser results based on entered queries. In practice, however, it uses completely different engines (often legitimate) like Google, Yahoo, or Bing showing results exactly from them. Unfortunately, Blast Search is installed without consent because nobody wants to get it intentionally. You should also know that such programs operate like spying software because they can collect personal data and save it on third-parties servers. Thus, removing Blast Search from your computer is necessary to protect your data from unintentional leaks.