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Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove Best Searcher (

The Malwarebytes experts have classified Best Searcher as another browser hijacker, which manipulates browser settings in favor of various changes. To be more precise, it changes your homepage domain to and affects some visual adjustments to the start page of your browser. Whilst all of these changes are meant to improve the browsing experience, our investigation proves completely the opposite. Best Searcher does not generate unique results, instead, it might mimic the capabilities of legitimate search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to show ostensibly better results. Using Best Searcher makes no sense as it also causes redirects to other suspicious pages, which contain dangerous content. A number of ads and banners being displayed along with the usage, can gobble up system resources and downgrade your system significantly. The last, but most important thing to mention is data-tracking abilities. Browser hijackers do not guarantee any privacy terms. This is why your data may be at risk of being spied by Best Searcher developers. If you suspect something is wrong with your browser, we recommend you get rid of the program causing the above-mentioned changes. Our guide below will show how to do this.

How to remove StreaminSearchs (

StreaminSearchs is an unwanted piece categorized as a browser hijacker. Software within this category targets Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers to dictate new settings. These settings are vividly-seen in the change of a homepage and search engine to Some additional widgets ostensibly meant to improve browsing are also added along with the change of the previously-mentioned. Whilst they can seem to be useful and alleviate the usage, there are significant drawbacks that can damage your privacy. Browser hijackers are capable of gathering personal data (e.g. passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and selling it to third-party ventures. Moreover, instead of using the new search engine for showing results, it simply redirects to legitimate This is another useless feature that does not give any browsing advantage over competitors. Thus, our recommendation is to delete StreaminSearchs from your PC to ensure further safety of data.

How to remove Hyperlink Search (

Hyperlink Search is a potentially unwanted program categorized as a browser hijacker. Its activity can be vividly seen in the installation of - a fake search engine allegedly meant to generate smarter results. Some visual changes are also applied to your homepage, but not far from the original one. Unfortunately, all of these modifications bring no beneficial effect on the browsing experience. All of the queries entered in the search tab will be redirected to the traditional and legitimate This is supposedly done to create forgery traffic for revenue gains. Moreover, because browser hijackers have access to browser settings, they are eligible to surveil your personal data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, banking details). Depending on goals pursued by cybercriminals, it can be therefore sold to third-party organizations. A number of serious drawbacks by far suggest that Hyperlink Search must be removed from your PC. Because it is hard to do it on your own, we have prepared a full tutorial in the article below.

How to remove GlobalSearchConverter

GlobalSearchConverter is a browser hijacker that affects your browser settings by replacing the default search engine. It does so to generate ostensibly better results. Once it is installed in your browser, the original homepage address will appear as However, all of the queries entered into the search bar will be redirected to legitimate This is why it is hard to benefit from the capabilities provided by GlobalSearchConverter. All of the changes are mostly meant to surveil activity and gather personal data (e.g. passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.). Unlike other hijackers, GlobalSearchConverter also uses web push-notifications to send unwanted ads. If you decide to enable them, your desktop will start receiving a set of suspicious ads, which may lead to malicious or explicit pages.

How to remove

0 is a pure example of how browser hijackers look like. The purpose of them is as simple as follows - to change browser settings in favor of personal benefits. Such changes are usually seen in the switch of a search engine. may install a fake one to most popular browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. As developers might think, users should be deluded into thinking that it is effective in surfing the web. In fact, the claimed effectiveness yearns to zero as it is also accompanied by annoying ads scattered around the web. Also, some details of the study indicate that displayed ads are marked as "Ads by". Letting browser hijackers stroll around your settings is not a good idea. They may gather some personal data (e.g. passwords, geolocations, IP-addresses, etc.) and sell it to third-party figures. This is why you should get rid of this app as soon as possible. Full instructions on the removal process can be found below.

How to remove Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message

Although Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message by far aids users in downloading Instagram content, there are some drawbacks that might scare you off. Once this extension gets installed in your browser, some interface changes come into play. The app supposedly integrates optional buttons that help you download photos and videos once you are on the Instagram page. Also, the reason why it is considered as a Potentially Unwanted Program relates to the capabilities of adware. It can display unwanted ads/banners that lead to third-party resources. This is not legitimate since users are not allowed to choose this option. Some of them reported being forcefully-dropped over to, which appears to be a dangerous domain. Overall, having such add-ons installed will help you fulfill the initial purpose, but not without side effects. This is why we recommend you to remove the application in favor of personal safety. To do this, simply navigate to our tutorial below.