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Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove Apps 2.2 extension

Apps 2.2 is a suspicious extension that may get installed in your browser (usually in Chrome) without consent. As a rule, this extension applies unwanted changes to settings in order to generate shady advertisements (banners, coupons, promotions, etc.) on any visited page, cause unexpected redirects to random pages, and redirect users' search queries via another search engine. Due to these symptoms, Apps 2.2 falls firmly under the category of both browser hijackers and adware. Note that interacting with content promoted by Apps 2.2 is highly unrecommended due to potential dangers. Clicking dubious ads may lead to online scams, fake software installers, adult pages, online casinos, and various kinds of potentially compromised resources, which may endanger your safety. In addition, unwanted software is also known to have access to data-tracking abilities, allowing threat actors to run a stealth collection of browser-related data (IP addresses, geolocations, search history, etc.). Due to the poor reliability of such software, the collected data may end up sold to third parties without users' consent and lead to privacy issues. Luckily, Apps 2.2 extension is quite easy to remove with the right set of steps and anti-malware software. Follow our guide below to do it fast and without traces.

How to remove Watch Movies Live

Watch Movies Live is a browser hijacker that installs a fake search engine (, changes the homepage appearance, and gathers browser-related data without the consent of users. All these traits indicate that Watch Movies Live is unwanted and should not be used. Cybercriminals use the as an intermediary page before showing search results from the official By doing so, developers forge their traffic and earn money on it. In addition, the installation of Watch Movies Live brings a number of widgets (e.g., a quick search for different movies, news weather, etc.). And while these features may seem useful at first glance, they are simply a veil for the illegal and unwanted activity of the browser hijacker.

How to remove Torrent Extension

Torrent Extension is categorized as an adware extension. Upon installation, it injects unwanted changes to settings in order to promote different kinds of intrusive content (in form of ads, pop-ups, banners, coupons, overlay buttons, hyperlinks, etc.) This adware uses virtual layers to display its advertising content over any visited page, including completely legitimate ones. Clicking on such content promoted by Torrent Extension should be avoided as it may lead to various unwanted or malicious pages (e.g., online scams, deceptive pages, websites promoting unwanted software, adult pages, casinos/gambling sites, and so forth). While opening various pages, users may also see that Torrent Extension loads the address in the bottom left corner ("waiting for").

How to remove Safest Way To Search

Seeing instead of the default homepage/search engine might be a sign that you are affected by a browser-hijacking app called Safest Way To Search. Such software is not technically malware, however, it does promote unwanted changes that may lead to various privacy threats and malicious infections in the future. For instance, despite the visually innocent and even helpful look of (weather forecasts, latest news, etc.), the browser hijacker may show dubious ads, cause redirects to suspicious pages, and generate untrustworthy results.

How to remove FindMeFreebies

FindMeFreebies New Tab is a browser extension or add-on that replaces the default new tab page on your web browser with a page that displays freebies, coupons, and other promotional offers from various brands and companies. These extensions work by collecting and displaying deals and freebies from various sources, such as social media platforms, websites, and email newsletters, and organizing them in a user-friendly interface. The new tab page could also display useful information, such as the weather forecast, news headlines, and search bar, in addition to the freebies and deals. Additionally, FindMeFreebies modifies search engines in browsers it is installed in: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It's important to be cautious when using such extensions and ensure that they are reputable and safe to use. Some extensions may collect your browsing data or display ads, so it's important to read the reviews and do some research before installing any browser extensions. Follow instructions on the page to remove FindMeFreebies New Tab add-on from your PC.

How to remove

0 is a dubious domain that can be promoted by some unwanted extension or program installed on your PC. Software that changes browser settings to install new search engines, tabs, homepages, and other modifications is usually categorized as browser hijackers. In most cases, search engines promoted by hijackers are fake and unable to generate their own results. Instead, they are used as intermediary pages and eventually lead to legitimate search portals like Yahoo, Bing, Google, or others. is no different - it has shown to redirect users to Bing. Such redirection schemes are designed to help cybercriminals generate fake traffic and earn commissioned money on it.