How to remove (Mac)

Standard is domain used by service, that belongs to Oracle and provides marketing campaigns for commercial websites. Usually, users see pop-ups or dropdown windows from Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox regarding the safety of this website. For example, Safari can’t verify the identity of the website “”. The certificate for this website is invalid. According to our research this mostly happens on while visiting Ebay, Amazon, but can show up on literally any website.

How to remove

Standard is a phony search engine, that installs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It provides possibility to search on multiple search engines from one page and quick access links to popular shopping sites, news portals, travel websites and social networks. By default, redirects user queries to Google Custom Search, which looks slightly different from Google, but provides similar results. Main riskiness in using this search engine is data leakage of personal settings, online habits, search and browsing history. Besides, acts like browser hijacker, it replaces user defined settings and won’t allow any modifications by creating Windows Group Policies.

How to remove GandCrab Ransomware and decrypt .GDCB files


GandCrab Ransomware is file encrypting virus, that uses AES-256 (CBC-mode) encryption algorithm to encode user files. It affects documents, media files, databases – the most important data for users. During encryption process ransomware appends .GDCB extension to encrypted files. After it finishes GDCB-DECRYPT.txt is created. GandCrab Ransomware targets 64-bit systems in Western Europe and South Korea. Its developers demand 1.5 – 2 Dash (cryptocurrency) which estimates in more than $1100. GandCrab checks the system for the presence of .exe files of antiviruses from the popular vendors, and won’t run on the computers with such security software or will attempt to disable it.

How to remove Handy Tab


Handy Tab is potentially unwanted browser extension for Google Chrome by Axel Division LP. After installation, it substitutes search engine, homepage and new tab settings in Chrome. Handy Tab provides some useful features for the users, such as weather widget, in-browser notes, to-do list, bookmarks and quick access links to some shopping and social networks list. But as undesirable consequence add-on modifies browser settings and search queries are redirected to This search engine is related to well-known low-reputation advertising network

How to remove

Standard is successor of the series of wide-spread browser hijackers, that alter search and homepage settings in Google Chrome (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer). Developers made ingenious move by imitating style and design of Google Chrome start page. Regular users can be confused by the appearance of Besides, search queries are redirected to, and users may not notice the difference. Among undesirable consequences of infection with is creation of Windows Group Policies, that won’t allow users to change search engine to preferred one.

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