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Smartphone Errors

How to fix “Unable to verify update” error on iPhone

Unable to verify update. iOS [version] failed verification because you are no longer connected to the internet. is exactly the error some users may receive while trying to install the latest update on their device - most often ranging from iOS 14 to 16. This happens when iPhone cannot establish the proper server connection to retrieve information for update verification. Usually, the most common reason why it occurs is because of unstable or absent internet connection. Sometimes the reason can also be insufficient storage space that has to be freed to let the update install. In case retrying the update does not resolve the issue and continues running into the same message, you can turn down to our guidelines below and fix the problem together with us!

How to fix iPhone (iTunes) error 11

Most commonly, victims of this error have had their iPhones operating on iOS 12, 13, 14, or 15. It is also quite similar to other iPhone issues (53, 14, 10, 2015, 1110, 3194, etc.) we have discussed in previous troubleshooting articles on our website. In general, there is no single reason related to the appearance of such errors. The causes may vary broadly in each individual case - badly connected USB cable, outdated software, system glitch, insufficient memory, compatibility issues, and other possible reasons as well. Below, we have gathered a list of solutions that are most likely to resolve the issue and let you update your device eventually. Follow along and try each step we offer until the issue gets resolved.

How to fix iPhone (iTunes) error 4000

It is a popular error that prevents users from updating their iOS devices. The message interrupting update success usually appears like this - "The iPhone Could not be Updated. An Unknown Error Occurred (4000)" and does not offer any list of solutions. As a rule, the reason why users are unable to perform a successful iPhone update in iTunes is because there is something that blocks proper syncing between the two. It is, in other words, a connection issue that hinders your device and iTunes from working together in order. Very often such connectivity problems are caused by third-party anti-malware software, outdated operating system or iTunes, or even hilarious bugs related to insufficient battery level and locked screen of a device. The 4000 error became a subject of wide discussion in 2021 where most of the reports were centered around iPhone XR while updating from iOS 13.5 to iOS 14.1. However, not excluded that the same issue may occur on other iPhone models and iOS versions as well. If you are also into a struggle of fixing the 4000 error, feel free to follow our tutorial below and try each solution presented. Chances are you will find the one that sorts out the issue.

How to fix an Android device that’s restarting or crashing

Undoubtedly, smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. We are all inherently dependent on them, and any problems related to their consistent usage may put us into an awkward spot. This is what has been a subject of worry to some percentage of people experiencing problems with Android devices. Specifically, the scope of such issues has been centered around unexpected restarting or crashing cases that occur while performing various tasks. Due to this, some users are left with little or none of adequate device usage to satisfy their needs. Unfortunately, there is no single reason why such issues occur - it can be linked to the outdated operating system, incompatibilities caused by third-party apps, the presence of malware, insufficient memory space, and, in rarer cases, even hardware problems. Below, we have compiled a guide with the most potential and efficiency-tested solutions to breathe new and flawless life into your Android smartphone. Note that all instructions located below are generic and can only differ slightly on some smartphone models.

How to fix iPhone (iTunes) error 2009

Do you get an error message while trying to update or restore your iPhone through iTunes? - Then this guide will be helpful for you. Error 2009 is a popular and widely-complaint iTunes issue among the likes of other similar error codes such as 53, 14, 2016, 1110, 3194, etc. Users facing this problem encounter a message saying this text: "The iPhone [device name] could not be restored/updated. An unknown error occurred (2009)". As a result, no further continuation of updating or device restoration will take place due to the error occurrence. Reasons for why such errors arouse are not binary - they can be caused by outdated software, internal and third-party conflicts, system glitches, and other unknown reasons. Below, we have compiled a list of instructions to help you deal with the error 2009 potentially. Follow carefully each step after each until you find the working solution.

How to fix iPhone pink/purple screen of death 2022

Recently, users owning iPhone 13 Pro Max started reporting a new problem. At any point of usage, the screen may go pink for a couple of seconds, and restart the device immediately. Some experts elaborate saying the glitch starts prompting its presence after an iOS update delivered to iPhone 13 Pro MAX. Although the majority of cases were related to experiencing problems with this iPhone specifically, not excluded that some similar issues could have a glimpse in other models as well. Unfortunately, the problem is now less likely to be resolved forever. You can try some methods we listed below, but they are less likely to give you a long-term solution. Since iPhone 13 Pro MAX is new and fits in the frame of at least a 1-year warranty, it would be more reasonable to visit the Apple center where your smartphone was purchased and ask them for help or even device replacement. As of now, you can try the solutions in our tutorial below.