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How to fix iPhone error 4013

Usually, it is quite rare and uncharacteristic to see any of Apple devices at fault, however, it happens. Some users struggle to restore or update their IOS products through Itunes on Mac as error 4013 appeared and stuck in the tracks. Such a problem may occur on any Apple device based on the IOS system (iPhone, iPad, and or even iPod touch) saying The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013). The same symptoms were spotted to merge with other errors named 9, 4005, and 4014 often having the same root of occurrence. As a rule, the issue takes place due to some Itunes or macOS bug not letting the software establish a proper connection to iPhone. In rarer cases, the problem can lie in issues with hardware components inside of your device. To figure things out, we invite you to follow our instructions below. They've proven solid efficiency and can be used for other errors mentioned above in the majority of cases.