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Smartphone Errors

How to fix iPhone stuck in zoom mode

Among various useful capabilities, iPhone also has a seemingly interesting zoom feature allowing users to magnify their entire screen wherever it is double-tapped with three fingers. However, because some users do not know about it that much, using this feature accidentally might lead to confusion without knowing how to zoom out into the normal workspace. Due to this, such users get stuck and have difficulties with navigation, opening apps, and even unlocking the screen. Luckily, fixing this issue is pretty easy and can be done using a couple of solutions presented in our guidelines below. We will also show you how to disable this feature so that it does not get accidentally activated again.

How to fix an unknown error occurred (1667) on iTunes

While trying to update, restore or sync iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices some users get unlucky to enter a 1667 error that prevents it. The message that intervenes in the updating/restoration process usually appears as a pop-up window and states the following: "There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone. An unknown error occurred (1667).". The most common causes of this and other similar issues (e.g., errors 53, 14, 10, 2015, 1110, 3194, 2005, 2003, etc.) are badly connected or damaged USB cables, outdated software, insufficient space, compatibility issues, internet connection, and other possible issues as well. In this guide, we have gathered a number of easy-to-perform solutions that will help you potentially address the 1667 error and finally restore or update your device.

How to fix “System UI isn’t responding” error in Android

System UI not responding, "System UI isn't responding", "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped", and other similar UI-related error messages can unexpectedly appear on your Android device and prevent further interaction with it. UI stands for User Interface, and it is everything that involves interaction with device apps, features, content, and various functions. The issue when System UI stopped responding often appears in a pop-up window and prevents users from further display usage. As a result, your device will likely attempt to restart the System UI app itself in order to get your phone back to working properly. Unfortunately, while for some users this error appears only once due to a rare system glitch and does not come back, in other cases it may ring its presence again and interrupt users' experience continuously. This problem is regularly defined to be caused by corrupted cache or temporary files, lack of device memory, uninstalled updates, and even problematic third-party apps that create incompatibility issues. You can follow our guide with 5 potential solutions that will fix the "System UI isn't responding" error. Please note that the steps outlined in our instructions can look slightly different depending on your Android device.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android

We have already discussed how to migrate Android data to iPhone in our previous article and now it is time to do so vice-versa. If you recently bought a new Android device and want to switch to it from your iPhone, then this guide will be helpful for you. Transferring data between two devices that work on different operating systems is always a question that conjures the head of many users whenever it comes to such a necessity. In fact, there is nothing to worry about as there are a number of ways you can migrate the majority of iPhone data straight to your Android device. Read our guide below and choose the one that fits you the most to easily switch from iPhone to Android.

How to back up and transfer WhatsApp chat history

The storage and exchange of data have never been as easy as is now, especially since the adaptation of cloud services that are already installed on practically any device and offer a solid amount of space for storing backups. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers linking people and allowing their data exchange from different parts of the world. Each time users are about to change their smartphone or simply perform a factory reset, nobody wants to lose chat history and media that accumulated over time while communicating with others. And in this article, we are going to show how to back up and restore your WhatsApp chat history - be it on a new or the same device, and iPhone or Android. Check out this list of options and choose the one that fits you the most!

How to fix iTunes (iPhone) error 3004

These are the two popular error messages that users may receive while trying to update or restore iPhone or other iOS devices. It is also quite similar to other iPhone issues (53, 14, 10, 2015, 1110, 3194, 2005, 2003, etc.) that were discussed in previous troubleshooting articles on our website. This issue has its roots spanning back to 2012 and yet continues to be acute these days. Some users reported that the issue occurs also after trying to downgrade their device from iOS 15 to an older iOS version. Whatever it is causing the issue, the error remains the same. Usually, its appearance is related to badly connected USB cables, outdated software, system glitch, compatibility issues, internet connection, and other possible problems as well. Below, we have gathered a list of solutions that are most likely to resolve the issue and let you update/restore your device eventually. Try each method in the sequence below until it resolves the issue.