How to reset settings in Mozilla Firefox

Why do you need resetting your Mozilla Firefox settings?

Mozilla Firefox is the 2nd most popular browser and became so wide-spread because of support of extensions. Extensions are small additional modules, that can enhance standard Firefox functionality. Unfortunately, last 3 years there is a serious increase in amount of adware extensions, search hijackers and redirect viruses. Antiviruses sometimes are able to remove core files of such threats, but settings of Mozilla Firefox remain unchanged. In order to restore your Firefox settings from malicious values you can use SpyHunter or Malwarebytes AntiMalware. This programs can remove every entry of adware and hijackers in most cases. Here are alternative methods to reset your browser settings.

Download 1-click Browser Reset Tool from Avast – Avast Browser Cleanup

avast browser cleanup

avast! Browser Cleanup utility is small tool from Avast, that is able to reset browser settings (search, homepage, newtab default page) in 3 main browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. Run it with administrator privileges and click on the icon of the browser you need to reset. Click Reset Settings and choose preferred options.

Reset Firefox settings manually

1) To reset Mozilla Firefox settings, open the browser and click on 3-bars icon in the top-right corner of the window. This will get you to the main menu. In this drop-down menu click on question mark icon on the bottom.

mozilla firefox open help menu

2) In opened sub-menu choose Troubleshooting information. Click on it. Alternatively, you can get here by typing about:support in the address bar.

mozilla firefox troubleshooting information

3) While in Troubleshooting information find Refresh Firefox… button to the right. Click on it.

mozilla firefox refresh firefox

4) Confirm that you agree to restore settings by clicking Refresh Firefox button in opened window.

confirm firefox settings reset

Note: Resetting your browsers settings is useless unless you remove all active infections on your PC. To remove search hijackers and browser adware use SpyHunter antimalware. Download it here:

Download SpyHunter

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