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CleanMyMac is one of the latest products of MacPaw company that has been distributing its software for IOS and Mac. Being exceptional and hyper-productive, it can be described in two words – beautiful and efficient. CleanMyMac is a versatile utility that allows both keeping your Mac clean and protected. The program has truly revamped the market with high-end junk removal features that help maintain and boost up your device significantly. There is no doubt that CleanMyMac does its job greatly by eliminating leftovers and other unnecessary data that can load tons of space. Although, a couple of options like malware removal still requires improvement and will be discussed in detail below.

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  1. A deck of speed-up tools. CleanMyMac is fueled with a bunch of features divided into categories. For example, the utility takes advantage in providing a bunch of features to fasten your Mac. This category includes freeing up RAM, running maintenance scripts, managing Login Items, Launch Agents, and Hung Applications. All of these can be a nuclear combination to make your Mac faster and smoother.
  2. System Junk is one of the most important cleanup tools since it can retrieve gigabytes of space that are taken by the system and additional apps. You will be amazed by how much space you will get after running this feature.
  3. Photo Junk. If you realize that your device is cluttered with lots of images, then this option will analyze your photo library and help you get rid of temporary files. This does not usually give a lot of space, but still can be a great addition to other functionalities.
  4. Mail Attachments are designed for removing local copies of your e-mail downloads and attachments. Thus, your e-mail will not be storing hundreds of advertising campaigns that include minor attachments.
  5. iTunes Junk is another addition to the above list. Being capable of cleaning IOS device backups, software updates, broken music downloads and other supporting data, it can add up gigabytes of disk memory.
  6. Trash Bins. Rather than removing files via a Trash bin located on the desktop, you can do this without leaving the program.
  7. Malware protection. Besides speeding up your PC, CleanMyMac also ensures that your Mac is virus-free. The latest Catalina engine allows users to fight off up-to-date adware, browser hijackers, ransomware, and other pieces that can endanger your data.
  8. Privacy protection. Immediate removal of browsing history, and other activity traces that can help cybercriminals reveal your data is also included.
  9. Software Uninstaller. Since manually removing applications typically leaves lots of leftovers and files behind the process, CleanMyMac gives an opportunity to wipe out stubborn and unwanted software without any traces.
  10. Software Updater will save your time on updating software manually. This one is very useful because the program constantly scans for the latest versions of the installed apps and renew them instantly.
  11. Large and Old Files cleanup sorts out the long-forgotten and large files and gives you a full summary if found any of these.
  12. Finally, Shredder is another amazing feature that obliterates unwanted files that tend to overwrite itself after manual removal. The app will rip them into shreds so that they could not exhaust your computer by storing up space on it.

Lab Results

There is no doubt that CleanMyMac is specifically good at maintaining your PC clean and soft by constantly clearing junk files that are accumulated over the usage. But what about malware detection? Well, the opinions still diverge on this. Somebody claims that malware removal total sucks and needs to be replaced with other software.

I, for one, ran a couple of tests by downloading some adware-type programs and browser hijackers since these are the most common malware that inflicts users. Most of the threats were easily detected and removed as well. However, some unwanted programs still passed by the scrutiny of the Catalina engine. Keep in mind that none of the anti-malware tools is perfect. There will always be a list of threats that will be overlooked by the programs.

In general, considering the fact the CleanMyMac is a combinatorial package that tries to develop its scope on multiple dimensions, malware protection can be a great, though not virtuous addition to other tools in order to sustain your system. Instead, in order to protect your system against contemporary cyberattacks, you will need to opt for a better variant.

Price: If you want to access the full spectrum of its capabilities, you will need to purchase a one-year subscription that starts at 34.95 dollars.

Compatibility: CleanMyMac covers macOS 10.10 and higher versions.

  • Clears a lot of space
  • Lots of junk removal options
  • Software Uninstaller and Updater
  • User-friendly/Beautiful smooth interface
  • Free
  • Poor malware protection

Final thoughts

I have been using CleanMyMac for a couple of years and satisfied with what it does thus far. A range of Cleanup tools will surely boost up and smoothen the experience on Mac. However, if you are looking to protect your device from most sophisticated cyberattacks, then CleanMyMac might not be enough. Instead, I would recommend electing in favor of Kaspersky or Bitdefender, that have been leading the market in the anti-malware domain.

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