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How to remove Yaoffer50160.exe (uBar)

Yaoffer50160.exe is a trojan-based file that infects users with adware. There are some indications, that this file is related to an unwanted advertising app called uBar. Trojans are a type of virus that executes so-called chain infiltrations. The range of malware may vary from innocent adware to more dangerous ransomware that encrypts users' data forever. Often times, trojans may require interaction from remote servers that are hacked by frauds to fulfill its purpose. Thus, most developers abuse poor connections and RDP configuration to take control of the PC and inflict it with trojans. When it comes to adware, it alters some settings to push unwanted advertisements on the desktop. There are also cases when after removal of the file users see an error message on startup, like "Windows cannot find Yaoffer50160.exe".