I decided to separate this category from “antiviruses” category as nowadays it is really different kind of software. Yes there are still trojans, viruses, rats, worms infecting PCs all over the world. But the real “plague” of last couple of years are adware, hijackers, toolbars, keyloggers. Adware bundled installations is something usual. And unfortunately antiviruses are not doing greately preventing it and most importantly removing them. In this situation smaller companies started to work hard and creating tools that are able to fight this threats and clean all instances of such software. Here is my list of top utilities and big programs that are able to remove most types of modern adware, spyware etc. and protect your PC. In most cases they are not conflicting with active antivirus you use.

  • Thibaut Durand

    Hi, i really want to say thank to you, I’m actually on ur website every day to update my malware list and u help me so much, one more time, thank u !

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