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How to remove CPU Guardian

CPU Guardian is a rogue type of ostensibly helpful applications meant to optimize your system. Usually, such utilities appear without users' consent. Once they are installed, you will start getting a number of warnings that claim your PC to be severely junked. In order to solve the detected problems, users have to opt for the paid version of the software. Unfortunately, the only goal pursued by developers of such apps is a monetary benefit. This is because the generated issues are often fake and non-existent on your computer. It is true that cached files tend to accumulate on all computers over some period of time. However, if you really want to maintain your PC, it is better to go for trusted software like CleanMyPC or ComboCleaner that provides efficient and versatile tools to speed up the system. Below, we will show you the steps to remove CPU Guardian so that it does not bother you anymore.

How to remove Advanced System Protector

Advanced System Protector is a fancy-looking PC optimizing utility, meant to improve your system. The interface of a program shows that it is able to detect various types of infections, put them in the quarantine lists, establish protection, and other features like that. However, the only thing remaining unclear is whether Advanced System Protector is reliable or not. Most cyber experts including the Malwarebytes team doubt its efficiency in solving the privacy issues. This is because such programs have narrow threat databases and tend to generate non-existent problems. By doing so, developers force people into buying the extended version to access a set of full capabilities. Oftentimes, Advanced System Protector appears on systems without users' consent. Soon after spotting it out, most users begin to wonder how to remove Advanced System Protector correctly - and this is exactly what we will answer in the article below.

How to remove SlimCleaner Plus

SlimCleaner Plus is a PC optimization program that claims to extend battery, improve system performance, and so on. It does so by providing junk removal, registry cleaner, and other instruments meant to boost up your PC. Unfortunately, SlimCleaner Plus is not the most viable solution when it comes to system improvement. The app is more often categorized as unwanted software as it is distributed beyond the consent of users. Although SlimCleaner was reviewed by PCMag in 2016 and proven to be effective in some aspects of cleaning, most experts still doubt its boasted abilities. SlimCleaner also comes in a free version, however, it is hard enough to boost up your system. This is why developers offer to switch up to the paid version with unlimited access to all of its features. Our advice is to avoid spending money on such products, especially if you did not expect them to appear on your system. Therefore, our advice is to use wide-known utilities like CleanMyPC for making your computer a faster and safer place to work on. Below, you will find extended instructions on how to remove SlimCleaner Plus and find better alternatives to improve your system.

How to remove PC Accelerate Pro

PC Accelerate Pro is one of many unwanted optimization utilities that end up on users' systems without their consent. As a rule, the purpose of such programs is to impose fake problems being on your PC. It does so by randomly generating a list of pre-made errors and displays it to gullible users. Not knowing that PC Accelerate Pro cannot be trusted, most users fall into the trap and purchase the license offered by the developers. Yes, in order to fix the found problems, people have to buy the full version of PC Accelerate Pro. In fact, some legitimate programs also require the full version for using the capabilities, however, PC Accelerate Pro is not included in the list of trusted software for maintaining your system. This is why our advice is to avoid such apps installed on your PC. Better delete it and use trustworthy utilities like CleanMyPC.

How to remove PC HelpSoft Driver Updater

PC HelpSoft Driver Updater is presented as a helpful tool meant to improve computer performance by updating drivers. Unfortunately, its "useful" capacity is suspected to be suspicious, therefore, it is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program. Alike other similar programs that are trying to mimic the capabilities of leading software within PC optimization, PC HelpSoft Driver Updater cannot be trusted as claimed. Although it may provide correct information about outdated drivers and other useful features, there are many drawbacks that should suggest its urgent removal. First of all, an app like PC HelpSoft Driver Updater is usually installed against users' will. This means that your system has been intentionally invaded by unknown software. Then, most of its capabilities become available only after completing a purchase. Moreover, it might install certain entries in order to harden the process of uninstallation for inexperienced people.

How to remove Device Doctor

Device Doctor is an unwanted program ostensibly meant to optimize your system. Such "optimizers" are initially spread as software to fix various issues and maintain your PC. The main function of Device Doctor is finding and replacing outdated drivers that downgrade the system. Although it is officially published on the internet, most experts doubt its efficiency in improving performance. Device Doctor searches for available drivers via manufacturer databases and matches the ones based on your configuration. Besides that, it also promotes the Pro version, which includes some additional features (Startup Manager, System Monitor, Cache Cleaner, Program Uninstaller). Unfortunately, these features are suspected to be unuseful, because they might fabricate issue results. Also, Device Doctor is distributed via dubious methods, which makes it an unwanted program. This is why it is necessary to run the complete removal and delete all of the possible traces left by it.