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How to remove Device Doctor

Device Doctor is an unwanted program ostensibly meant to optimize your system. Such "optimizers" are initially spread as software to fix various issues and maintain your PC. The main function of Device Doctor is finding and replacing outdated drivers that downgrade the system. Although it is officially published on the internet, most experts doubt its efficiency in improving performance. Device Doctor searches for available drivers via manufacturer databases and matches the ones based on your configuration. Besides that, it also promotes the Pro version, which includes some additional features (Startup Manager, System Monitor, Cache Cleaner, Program Uninstaller). Unfortunately, these features are suspected to be unuseful, because they might fabricate issue results. Also, Device Doctor is distributed via dubious methods, which makes it an unwanted program. This is why it is necessary to run the complete removal and delete all of the possible traces left by it.

How to remove PC Tuneup Maestro

The installation of optimizing utilities can be required when you have your PC suffocating in loads of problems that downgrade its performance. This could be related to PC Tuneup Maestro unless it was not classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program. Taking a fast-forward look into its capabilities, we can see a range of features meant to enhance your PC performance and stability. In fact, such features are usually a trick to bait inexperienced users into purchasing the full version because the free one allows only the scan of issues. Very often, a list of found problems consists of fake and intrusive entries claimed to be dangerous. Buying PC Tuneup Maestro has no sense, it will not deliver the promised improvements for your system. This is why it is better to uninstall it and use legitimate programs like CleanMyPC, IObit Uninstaller, or CCleaner.

How to remove Mac Cleaner

Mac Cleaner can be described as a potentially unwanted program meant to acquire financial gain on gullible users. It is initially presented as a utility to solve system issues, protect Mac, and maintain high-tier performance. Unfortunately, most experts have doubted its efficiency and suspected Mac Cleaner of generating fake lists of errors. Of course, some features do work to the expected extent, however, the overall functionality is simply meant to force people into activating the full version, which ostensibly opens a horizon of extended features to boost up Mac performance. In fact, the premium version will delete the list of found issues and say that your Mac is optimized and safe to use. Based on such downsides, we recommend you get rid of Mac Cleaner by using the instructions provided below.

How to remove PC Gold Optimizer

PC Gold Optimizer (and System Repair) is a delusive program meant to solve performance issues. Unfortunately, the declared efficiency claimed by developers does not match reality. It has been determined that generated problems regarding registry and other segments appear to be fake. Whenever you run a scan, the program will find multiple problems that have to be solved. In fact, this could be a visual trick by generating false positives to attract people into purchasing the full version, which is required to implement the full removal of errors. Not only PC Gold Optimizer does not bring any benefit, but it also can damage your PC by changing registry keys incorrectly. This is why we recommend you release your computer from another Potentially Unwanted Program like PC Gold Optimizer. Even trusted antimalware vendors gave negative ratings and advised removing it from your system. You will find step-by-step instructions to do this down below.

How to remove Advanced Mac Tuneup

Advanced Mac Tuneup is an unwanted optimization tool that tries to look legitimate. On the surface, it is nothing, but a fraudulent trick meant to suck money out of gullible users. The app provides scans upon different threats and junk that may disrupt your PC performance. It might claim that they are strongly advised to remove, otherwise, your PC will suffocate due to multiple issues. This is why you are subsequently asked to register and purchase the full version to clear the found problems. Unfortunately, cyber experts suspected Advanced Mac Tuneup in generating fake lists of errors, thus, addressed it to being a Potentially Unwanted Program. Plus, such applications can be very annoying as they impose their offers against one's will. We recommend you delete Advanced Mac Tuneup from your computer using the step-by-step instructions provided in the article below.

How to remove MacCleanBooster

MacCleanBooster is one of many unwanted utilities that pretend to be helpful. In reality, it generates fake lists of errors, junk, and other elements that slow down your system. Unfortunately, to clear them up, users have to purchase the Premium version in order to access all capabilities of the program. Some inexperienced users trust extortionists and buy the full version eventually. However, since the app originally created a list of false positives, it will simply delete it after you run the paid version. You will not even know whether MacCleanBooster improved your system or not. This is why we advise you to delete it using our guide below. If you really want to maintain your Mac clean and updated, we recommend you to choose only trusted utilities. Great tools to optimize your Mac are CleanMyMac X and Combo Cleaner.