How to remove Mac Auto Fixer (Maftask)

Mac Auto Fixer (a clone of rogue Mac Defender) is bogus Mac OS optimization and antivirus utility. Maftask is the name of the main process of this deceptive application. It claims to find numerous errors, viruses, and other issues on clean machines. After deeper research, those problems appear to be non-existent or not essential. Mac Auto Fixer asks 118 Euros for a 2-year license to fix these issues. There are and there will be lots of applications similar to Mac Auto Fixer, but with other names and designs. There are few proven apps for Mac, that are not only able to perform Mac OS maintenance, but also remove potentially unwanted programs, like Mac Auto Fixer.

How to remove Segurazo Antivirus

Segurazo Antivirus or just Segurazo is rogue security application for Windows, that may show false results in order to mislead users and make them buy licence. It firstly appeared in summer of 2019, and was spread via software keygens, game mods and torrent downloads. The program has generated a surge in complaints and messages from users on various computer forums. Among main issues of Segurazo are: problems with uninstalling the application, false scan results, aggressive alert system. Segurazo installs and runs several Windows services, that can't be stopped even with administrator account. It also uses countdown, that won't allow you to click "Yes" and confirm removal during 60 seconds. Finally, fake antivirus requires PC restart to remove its residual data. On our test virtual machine along with viruses Segurazo detected some false positives. Keeping in mind all these facts, we can make the conclusion, that Segurazo is oviously potentially unwanted program (PUP).

How to remove Mac Fixer Pro

Mac Fixer Pro is typical fake optimization app for macOS, that is installed without users consent. It performs fast computer scan and always detects serious issues. Then it actively forces users to buy a license, by showing pop-up reminders and playing creepy voice scripts. Mac Fixer Pro always finds problems, even on brand new machines. Such deceptive programs use similar technical and visual patterns to extort money from users. Rogue apps hiddenly infiltrate Mac systems and get access to critical parts of the OS. Keeping Mac Fixer pro can lead to not only financial loss but also overall privacy and security issues.

How to remove OneSafe PC Cleaner

OneSafe PC Cleaner belongs to the class of programs called "system optimizers". Such utilities have functionality similar to the wide-range of reputable PC cleaning programs like CCleaner, Advanced System Cleaner and others. However, OneSafe PC Cleaner intentionally shows exxagarated amount of problems on your computer or even false positives (issues, that don't even exist on your machine). If ignored, potentially unwanted program starts to display pop-ups on your desktop with haunting call to fix found issues. Of course, error solving is paid. Aside from that, users complain about uninstalling OneSafe PC Cleaner completely, as it leaves persistent module on their PCs after regular uninstall.

How to remove Smart Mac Tuneup

Smart Mac Tuneup is a rogue optimization program for Mac, that gets stuck in your system, consumes resources and displays annoying alerts and pop-ups about viruses and errors. It looks like a typical application of its kind but generates scan results filled with false positive detections and exaggerated amount of issues. Actually, Smart Mac Tuneup finds problems even on brand new Mac computers. Due to those facts, it is classified as a rogue or potentially unwanted application (PUP), and it is recommended to get rid of it. Smart Mac Tuneup runs on system startup and may not be removed in a regular way.