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How to remove WinOptimizer

WinOptimizer is a dubious utility that carries out performance optimizations. It has a user-friendly interface accompanied by a set of effective tools to clean up your system. WinOptimizer claims that it can empty your system from irrelevant rubbish and other entries that overload your PC. Unfortunately, as Malwarebytes researchers determined, WinOptimizer creates a fake list of positives to allure users into buying extended versions of their software. By doing so, you will maintain your PC clean and stable. Note that WinOptimizer is not a virus, it is just one of the potentially unwanted programs that earn money on gullible people. Besides that, WinOptimizer supports web push notifications so that you could be informed about the latest news and products.

How to remove PC Win Booster

Referring to the name, PC Win Booster is a system optimization tool that allegedly keeps your system safe and clear. Unfortunately, this name is dubious and cannot be considered literal. Developers claim that their software is capable of eliminating viruses and cleaning data leftovers to free your disk storage. Instead, it shows a randomly generated list of junk and malware that urgently needs to removed from your system. In fact, your PC may be absolutely virus-free and does not require any additional maintenance. Alas, the trial version cannot rectify detected threats and therefore asks users to purchase the paid edition that will ostensibly delete all of these intimidating items. As mentioned above, the list of threats is more likely to be fabricated meaning that after buying the full version it will just clear the previously created list.

How to remove Orange Defender Antivirus

Developers of Orange Defender Antivirus promote their software as a total security tool that detects and eliminates multiple issues. Unfortunately, this piece is untrustworthy because it generates a fake list of scan results. To remove the found malware and problems, users have to activate the full version after the 30-day trial. After that, the program will just clear the list of non-existing issues. This particular rogue antivirus disables any existing security software installed on PC and sets itself to start on Windows startup via scheduled tasks. Orange Defender Antivirus is categorized as a potentially unwanted program, that slows down your PC and extorts money from gullible users.

How to remove System Assistant

System Assistant is promoted as a complex tool for keeping your system safe and clean. However, a recent investigation determined that it is a potentially unwanted program that falsifies the list of problems to convince users to buy their software. After running a scan, the program will generate random numbers of detected junk files, privacy items, malware, and other threats which is a pure trick. In fact, your computer may be totally clean and contain no issues that could endanger your privacy. If you decided to purchase the Premium version, the app will simply clear the list of fake issues and say that your computer is safe. Thus, System Assistant does not protect from actual threats and does not optimize your PC.

How to remove Outbyte PC Repair

As developers claim, Outbyte PC Repair is a system optimization tool that can boost up your PC substantially. Unfortunately, the program's activity cannot be trusted because it displays fake information about privacy, junk files, malware, and other issues. After running a scan, most people may become flabbergasted due to the intimidating number of problems. Therefore, Outbyte PC Repair says that detected issues can damage your PC and need to be removed as soon as possible. To do so, users should purchase the full version by clicking on the Activate button. Note that such apps are infamous and typically categorized as Potentially Unwanted Software that is created to extort money from gullible users. Once activated, the program will simply clarify the fabricated list of threats and say that your PC is safe. Additionally, Potentially unwanted applications can secretly gather personal intel and sell it to cybercriminals as another source of income.

How to remove Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care is a fake system optimization tool designed for Macintosh. Developers claim their software to speed up the system by eliminating cache, logs and other unnecessary data that can slow down your PC. Whereas it may seem useful, research shows that Easy Mac Care brings no promised value, on the contrary, it creates a list of fake issues displayed after running a scan. This is made to force inexperienced users into buying the Premium version to activate PRO features and rectify these issues as a result. Being classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program, Easy Mac Care is supposedly designed to extort money. It is much better to use trusted and official tools like CleanMyMacX or others that have been testified by most users and deserved integrity in the market. On top of that, we are not sure about Easy Mac Care, but some PUPs can put your privacy under risk by stealthily gathering personal data and selling it to third-parties.