Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove (Mac) is a fake search engine, controlled by malicious Gratziany extension, that Mac users should be worried about. Likewise other shady extensions it is classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). Once installed on your computer, it alters the homepage domain to, therefore, changing the browser interface. Searching queries are displayed by the Yahoo engine which means that search engine is only a cover of fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, does not bring any benefit, on the contrary, it is capable of tracking your browser activity that means gathering a bunch of personal data like Passwords, Searching history and other types of information that can make up a big value for extortionists. In addition, is known to be disturbing browsing by spreading deceptive ads that are displayed across pages you visit.

How to remove Fast Package Tracker

Fast Package Tracker is a search engine tool classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). According to its name, it provides quicker access to Package Tracking Services and other useful features that can alleviate the whole browsing experience. Of course, all of this would have been great if not one snag: Fast Package Tracker is a browser hijacker that is capable of collecting data based on users' preferences. The data may vary from simple browsing history to more valuable like passwords and credentials. In fact, this type of software appears on devices without users' consent leaving them puzzled on how could it inflict their computers. Some people are not even sure whether it is an infection or not, which actually is. Once installed, it immediately changes your homepage consecutively modifying browser settings for tracking purposes. It also assigns as a default search engine which is 100% useless. It does not have any unique searching algorithms because it simply redirects you to a legitimate Yahoo search engine. Instead, Fast Package Tracker records sensitive data that is transferred to third parties for personal gain.

How to remove is a deceptive browser hijacker, that can display malicious ads and redirects to other harmful resources. According to its name, we can say, that it is a Russian website, however, it has touched foreign users as well. Likewise other unwanted applications, it was designed for fraudulent means. is meant for displaying online ads to generate views and redirects to ad providers. However, these advertisements can potentially contain unwanted redirects to a free file hosting pages, adware pop-ups, and other dangerous content. and other hijackers are known to have multiple backup domains. This way if their website gets banned due to user complaints or other violations, they can easily move to other mirror domains. In fact, diversifies your homepage by adding custom design and other allegedly useful features. It also changes browser settings, therefore setting up a better ground for hackers to gather your data like browsing history, passwords, downloads and other kinds of information that can be treated negatively. Besides that, the standard search engine is changed to, which is fake, because once you paste something in searching space, it will redirect you to a legitimate Yandex search.

How to remove (Mac) is a redirecting tool glossed under innocent-looking search engine that opens is then opened by Users are being transferred to this domain through malicious advertisements and other unwanted applications like "Fake Calculator". As opposed to other hijacking tools, it does not alter browser settings, but it intentionally prompts people into visiting when attempting to search something on the web. There is a variety of Potentially Unwanted Programs that nurture their custom search engines offering a range of allegedly useful tools. itself does not have its unique searching algorithm. On the contrary, it redirects users to which is owned by Microsoft. At first glance, everything seems legitimate, however, the presence of this application can slow down the browsing experience and result in data loss. Hijackers acquire full access to all of your actions on the web. This means that they can easily gather information like URLs you visit, saved passwords, geolocations, and other essential data that third-parties can capitalize on.

How to remove is a social engineering trick, developed to gather private data and transfer it to suspicious figures, like cybercriminals. However, on the other hand, may seem to be an innocent browser search redirect, that gets installed to your computer and provides a more efficient browser usage accompanied by a couple of key features. According to its name, it feels like developers wanted to promote is as an equivalent to Google search engine that could display "more clever" searching results based on users' preferences. But how could unknown developers overcome Google corporation in this field? Of course, they could not! It is just another unwanted application that wants to impose ostensibly useful tools without users' consent. When infection attacks your computer it will start configuring browser settings for hijackers' needs so that you could not roll the back afterward. These settings manipulations can also cause a chain of malicious content like ads, free coupons, banners and promotional links alongside browsing.

How to remove Directions Whiz Toolbar

Directions Whiz is part of the Mindspark Interactive Network family. Unlike other toolbars, it can stand out for its driving directions feature allowing users to find the needed route without referring to Google or Apple maps. Of course, this can be deemed as its distinctive feature. However, whilst it can seem time-saving and very helpful, it is classified as a potentially unwanted application that is capable of monitoring your browser activity and other sorts of information. Passwords, searching history and other data can be shared with third parties for generating profit. The main circle of users that usually get hooked by this type of fraudulence is inexperienced people like elders who do not know how to operate cautiously in the internet prospects. Besides that, Directions Whiz is developed for browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer apparently to have a bigger database of victims. It secretly adjusts the browser settings without the user's consent to get a wider angle of your activity. The attempts to restore your browser settings are pointless because if you do this, it will apply the same changes in return.