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Articles about removing unwanted and malicious toolbar and hijackers and resetting your browser settings. Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera.

How to remove StreamBee (

StreamBee is an unwanted extension configuring your default search engine to provide ostensibly useful features. Software with such capabilities is usually treated as browser hijackers. Actually, users can see that StreamBee shows results from the legitimate Google system. This is true, however, it also uses a third-party engine called that can be seen glimpsing in the search bar during the usage. It is usually done to generate non-existent traffic through a chain of shady ads and banners. By doing so, extortionists earn a good chunk of money channeled to the promotion of their business. As long as StreamBee can spectate and gather your data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.), we strongly insist on removing this piece from your PC, all for the sake of your safety. Follow our guide below to perform complete removal without traces.

How to remove OnlineWorkSuite

OnlineWorkSuite is a browser extension embracing features of online editing. It installs a new search engine and homepage allowing users to work with PDFs, Word files, presentations, and other types of documents. To the casual eye, such capabilities can seem legitimate and even useful. However, OnlineWorkSuite might cause serious problems with privacy and PC performance. It is necessary to know that browser hijackers can spy on personal data and generate ads based on the user's activity. You can also see the icon Powered by Zoho on your homepage, which is legitimate online accounting software. OnlineWorkSuite uses different services to address its capabilities as something trustworthy. In reality, you should know that it is nothing, but a Potentially Unwanted Program meant to earn money on inexperienced people. This is why deleting OnlineWorkSuite is obligatory for your own safety. To learn how to do this, please follow our tutorial below.

How to remove Template Finder Now

Template Finder Now is a dubious program that changes your homepage providing access to popular templates. Unfortunately, such changes can dictate unwanted capabilities such as data-tracking and generation of ads. This is exactly what browser hijackers tend to do - altering browser settings to promote fake search engines ( that show ostensibly unique results. In fact, Template Finder Now abuses legitimate to redirect queries of users, which means it has nothing special to offer. On top of that, a group of malware researchers established that Template Finder Now works along with another Potentially Unwanted Program called Encrypted Search, which penetrates systems using sneaky methods. For obvious reasons, unwanted software like template Finder Now has to be removed from your PC to prevent the tracking and exploit of personal data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.).

How to remove Fast Start

Not everybody knows, but Fast Start is classified as a browser hijacker having a target on Mozilla Firefox browsers. Those who got unlucky to be infected with this application experience a number of problems that diminish users' experience. It can pose up a real identity threat as it is capable of monitoring personal data (IP-addresses, geolocations, passwords, banking details, etc.) that is entered during the browsing activity. On top of that, the reason why you should delete Fast Start from your computer is that it does not generate unique results as supposed. Despite developers show the change of default search engine to, the final results are displayed from the legitimate Google search engine. In addition to this, a group of cyber experts established that Fast Start is promoted by an unwanted program called istart123, which creates an extra Windows service to open Fast Start each time at the browser startup.

How to remove (Mac)

0 represents the address of a fake searching system that targets Mac systems. Such programs are often related to browser hijackers that impose certain changes in browser settings. tries to be serviceable by generating smarter and unique results designed by developers. However, the reality looks completely different as it redirects users through the legitimate Yahoo search engine. These integrations are not agreed with Yahoo developers, meaning that it is used illegally to produce traffic activity based on entered queries. All in all, is labeled as an unwanted program capable of stealing personal data (IP-addresses, geolocations, passwords, etc.). Thus, we recommend you remove it as soon as possible to prevent third-party presence in your personal life.

How to remove (Mac) is an unwanted redirect that happens to be on Mac systems. It is forced by the Cyber Search browser hijacker that arrogates browser settings to run fishy activity. Users that encounter this redirect on a regular basis, can see the "Managed by your organization" label in the browser menu meaning that your browser is controlled by a third-party venue. In addition to that, Cyber Search does not have a unique searching system to generate its own results. Instead, it uses legitimate for Chrome and for Safari to display suspicious results. Cyber Search can be dangerous for your data. In fact, it can steal it away (passwords, credit cards, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) and sell it to other parties for revenue purposes. Removing Cyber Search from your PC is necessary for identity protection, so follow the instructions provided below to perform a clean and full deletion of Cyber Search.