Unwanted Apps

How to remove Malware Crusher (Windows and Mac)

Malware Crusher is deceptive security application for Windows or MacOS. It sneaks into users computers without asking and performs scan of the system. If user ignores the program signals, Malware Crusher starts generating warnings and alerts, accompanying this with voice comments. Such intrusive and unfriendly marketing methods along with low-quality results of malware detection and protection puts Malware Crusher in the category of potentially unwanted applications (PUA). This badware also puts obstacles when users try to uninstall it.

How to remove MacKeeper

MacKeeper by Kromtech is one of the most wide-spread and controversial optimisation and security applications for Mac OS. Currently it is considered legitimate and practicable program for performing Mac OS maintenance. However, due to questionable methods of distribution and obsessive behaviour when installed on Mac machines, it is determined by some reputable antivirus products as potentially unwanted application (PUA) or rogue program. For example, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac detect and offer to remove MacKeeper on our test MacBook Pro. After installing MacKeeper starts showing alerts, reminders and warnings, claiming, that your Mac is "severely infected", "has serious performance issues", or "needs deep cleanup". Annoying windows force some users to buy this application. The scale of the problems is exaggerated, MacKeeper is acting as "scareware".

How to remove Chromium (Windows and Mac)

Chromium is browser similar to Google Chrome. It is built on open source platform called Chromium. Many adware developers use it to develop Chrome-like browsers and install them using "bundle" along with free programs. Chromium sets itself as default browser for internet surfing and replaces Google Chrome icons on the desktop and pinned icons on taskbar. Users sometimes do not recognize the change.

How to remove Booking.com virus (Mac)

Booking.com (can be also called Booking App or just Booking) is advertising application for Mac, that opens Booking.com website in program window on MacOS startup. Juging by appearance and behavior, this adware was not developed by the company, that operates self-titled website. Most likely, software was developed by third-party, that signed affiliation agreement with Booking.com and tries to earn affiliate comission spreading doubtful application with limited functionality. Window has weird name demo-app Title, the only task it performs is loading on startup and opening the homepage of Booking.com.

How to remove Snap Media Player (Mac)

Snap Media Player is advertising application for Mac developed by New Media Holdings. Player itself is not dangerous, but useless as it doesn't provide functionality other than MacOS preinstalled apps. However, its installer is based on InstallCore advertising platform. During installation you will be offered to download different third-party programs. For example, Avira, Facebook (fake), Booking (fake), MacKeeper and others. Some of this programs are classified as potentially unwanted applications (PUA), because they were not developed by companies, that own brand (Facebook app, Booking app).